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Comment Re:Why is systemd missing from this list? (Score 1) 47

How is it bizarre than an active project which creates patches for found flaws is not seen at risk? The whole at-risk is about old software that no one looks at and only assumes is ok since it's old and trusted software.

Last I read, 1 in 10 fixes creates a new bug. Most activity on new projects is new features, not the grunt work of fixing flaws. You can always get lots of people to write new code. It's hard to get people to do thorough testing.

Comment Re:I've personally fixed bugs (Score 1) 193

I did kernel hacking for 10 years. I've fixed bugs in Ethernet drivers and helped document (and work around) hardware errata. I've also had to deal with trying to rebuild Nvidia drivers when the binary blob was no longer compatible with the latest kernel source. Having open-source drivers is key for those of us that actually *do* work on this stuff.

This is different. nVidia drivers run on the CPU, so a change to the OS makes them, and your hardware, not work. This is firmware that runs on the graphics chip. When I want to run a totally different OS running on an ARM CPu, say, the blob will still work.

Comment Re:Truth be told... (Score 2) 149

These 'applicants' would probably never consider the path to jihad if they had a decent job and the ability to earn a living to raise a family

The unemployment rates are 27% with even higher rates for people in their twenties
The application takes advantage of their desires to have a 'real' job and twists it into continuing strife that does nothing to improve their economic conditions

The 9/11 hijackers included an architect, a law student and a school teacher. A significant number of suicide bombers have technical backgrounds, have families and have had a pretty good life. They have found solutions to the problems of jobs, food and home life and choose to focus on a perceived evil in the world that they don't think they can change in any other way.

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