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Comment Re:Now lets see. (Score 1) 1494

President Obama had a super majority congress when he was elected too. Don't worry, they never last long.

I wouldn't bet on that. The vast majority of congressional districts are gerrymandered so that only a very significant change in political preferences will change which party wins the seat. Obama managed that in 2008 but Trump (and the rest of the Republicans) will have to colossally screw up to make things change significantly in 2018. The Senate is even worse, as I understand it, most of the seats that come up for re-election is 2018 are already held by Democrats.

Comment Re:It is Inevitable (Score 1) 436

How do we figure we make ANY difference, when one volcanic eruption spews more toxic fumes, ash, and other pollutants than humans ever could?

For starters, they don't. Volcanic eruptions are less than 1% of the annual human emissions.

I think there are a few people out there that give humans way too much credit for what we can do to change something as big as the weather on the planet.

Rather, you give humans way too little credit. We've been influencing the climate for a long time now.

Comment Re:There is a legitimate dispute (Score 1) 534

I don't think the speeding analogy is a fair illustration because there you are dealing with a clear law and two absolute, fixed values: 150mph vs 70mph. But tax valuation and fair market value are two different things. Also, I suspect the lowball figure is Trump's opening offer, subject to negotiation. Which is what you would expect from a sharp businessman.

It's also what you would expect from a conman.

Comment Re:There is a legitimate dispute (Score 1) 534

Taxable value and fair market value are different things, and it is not surprising (to me, anyway) that Trump would say the market value of his property is higher than it's taxable value

Did you notice he's claiming the taxable value is 3% of what he says the actual value is? That's kind of like saying it's "just speeding" when someone gets caught doing 150 mph on the highway...

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