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Comment Re:treating the symptoms (Score 1) 302

Trump was supposed to learn the job and start acting presidential during the primary. He didn't.
Trump was supposed to learn the job and start acting presidential during the general. He didn't.
Trump was supposed to learn the job and start acting presidential once he became President-elect. He hasn't.

FYI, according to Trump's campaign manager, Kelly-Ann Conway, since Trump is now president elect whatever he does is now "presidential".

When is the right going to stop being in denial and realize there's no brilliant statesman hiding under the hair extensions.

So don't hold you breath. They'll be in denial until at least 2026.

Comment Re: Which media company would refuse to stir up sh (Score 1) 514

Will you help when Elizabeth Warren asks you to join the death squads to kill bourgeoisie fat cats?

Of course, somebody is going to have to help her fight the Kzinti. After all, that seems like the most likely scenario where that might actually happen...

Comment Re: Finally, the gloves will come off! (Score 1) 1042

Implying that we have no right to complain?

You have every right to complain. Just try an make the complaints informative or insightful. Most of the complaints here are ridiculous histrionics.

Rarely have I seen as much whining, whinging, and cry-babying as I've seen from right wing posters on this issue, the professional right-wing victims are really out in force. They could be trumpeting the fact that Twitter has effectively said that nothing Trump has posted so far is hate speech, but instead they have to throw a little hissy fit over how Twitter said even the President-elect can be banned if he breaks the rules.

Comment Re: Finally, the gloves will come off! (Score 1) 1042

A bakery should be able to refuse to support an activity or event of which they do not approve. If a gay man is marrying a woman (perfectly OK with Christians), they should not be able to refuse service just because the customer is gay. That's discrimination that has been deemed illegal. Refusing to cater (provide a cake for) a wedding between two men should be perfectly legal because private persons have a right of (dis)association.

Businesses no longer have that right because it was abused. They are not legally allowed to refuse to do business with people based on certain characteristics because those refusals were used in an organized manner to punish and torment people for who they are (race, sexual-orientation) or what they believe (religion). Imagine, for instance, living in a town where the grocery stores refused to do business with you because of the colour of your skin. I doubt you'd think it was fair for them to try and starve you out of town. On the flip side, those laws also protect businesses, because it no longer makes sense for the current customers of a business to boycott it just because it does business with people with the "wrong" coloured skin. Every business is required by law to ignore certain differences, so if they shut down one with a boycott, any business that replaces it will still have to do business with those people anyway.

Even given that, there are things that a baker can refuse to do. For instance, it is my understanding that the baker can refuse to decorate a cake with a same-sex wedding theme. However, they can't refuse to sell a generic wedding cake to someone just because the person is gay.

Comment Re: Finally, the gloves will come off! (Score 1) 1042

Yes, the day I lost my virginity.

I know...citation needed, right?

Wait, so you're saying on the day you lost your virginity you were sexually attracted to both men and women, had one willing and available partner of each sex, but for some reason you had to choose once for all which gender would have sex with? And after that point you lost all interest in the gender you did not select?

Comment Re: Trump is love (Score 1) 1042

If that's the case, that's playing with fire. If people are afraid of signing up because Twitter will apply biased enforcement even to the President of the United States of America, that hurts their bottom line. Some people won't sign up, others will go elsewhere for more controversial topics.

Not really, Twitter doesn't actually want the people who won't abide by their rules. Those people damage the Twitter brand, drive off some users, and make it harder for the twitter owners to cash out of the business (and reduce the amount they would get for the business). Then there's also a flip side: the idea that Twitter's rules apply to everyone no matter who they are might appeal to some people, whether they are current or future users.

Comment Re:What the fuck!? (Score 0) 85

You're confused, Trump has a lead in the electoral college. Trump and others are not getting frosted over that. Irrelevant your 2.5 million popular vote, we don't elect presidents that way because otherwise career criminals with no regard for national security or the rule of law like Clinton would get elected by the half of society that is parasites.

There's a problem with your view, Clinton's voters represent about 64% of the U.S. economy.

Comment Re:Don't let them do any research on alcohol! (Score 4, Informative) 558

There are also some indications of health benefits of small intake, but they tend to not be conclusive.

Actually, the "health benefits" have, may have been debunked and found to be systemic failures in the studies that originally found them. To put it simply, the drinking group in every test, by necessity, does not include anyone who no longer consumes alcohol due to health concerns, while the non-drinking groups may contain such individuals. This biases the health results on the non-drinking group in a negative manner. It seems when those participants who's health is compromised to the point where they no longer consume alcohol are excluded from both groups, the health benefits are either greatly reduced or vanish entirely.

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