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Comment Re:Clever design (Score 1) 256

You don't make new friends at work

Co-worker friends who are non-gamers don't help for this. I'll have to figure out how to approach my co-workers to ask if they're at all interested in gaming.

or at the bar/club/activity that takes place outside of your own home?

Finding a physical third place is the one thing I haven't figured out, especially for someone such as myself who has chosen not to drink alcohol and isn't interested in the more cult-like aspects of religious organizations such as Jehovah's Witnesses.

Comment Re:Clever design (Score 1) 256

You don't have friends already?


Did everyone you went to school with die after you left school?

No. But that's not the point because death is not the only way to lose contact with a former classmate.

I mean local as in "C'mon over over man, we'll have some [insert drink of choice here] and play a few rounds of [game you all enjoy]!"

And my question is how people who already graduated from college find people with whom to do that.

Comment Re:If I was Nintendo.... (Score 1) 256

Strictly speaking the Genesis was more powerful than the SNES, processor-wise.

In some ways, the Genesis's Motorola 68000 CPU was more efficient, particularly with 16-bit multiplication and division and 32-bit addition and subtraction. In other ways, it was tied with the Super NES's WDC 65816 despite the latter's 8-bit bus because the 68000 could access memory only every fourth cycle. Overall memory bandwidth was roughly the same in both systems, both for access by the CPU and for DMA to video memory.

Comment Once you go HTPC (Score 1) 256

You and in10se should consider upgrading from a video game console to a home theater PC (HTPC) with a BD-ROM drive and HDCP-capable HDMI or DVI display. It offers full HD video output, DVD-Video playback, BD-Video playback, Netflix playback, HBO GO playback, streaming from other devices, and DVR.* It also offers a good game library through GOG and Steam, user programmability in user mode under Windows,** and user programmability in both user and kernel mode under GNU/Linux.

* Recording encrypted cable is no longer supported as of Windows 10.
** Kernel mode driver development by individuals is no longer supported as of Windows 10. It is available only for corporations and LLCs holding an EV code signing certificate.

Comment Re:Look... SKYRIM! Woohooo...... wait, its not 201 (Score 1) 256

They will lose to the mobile market when in portable mode

How so? Currently "the mobile market" is centered around touch screen gaming, which is far from ideal for game genres that aren't point-and-click or continuous runners. Even the widely panned Turbo Touch 360 would make a better game controller than the flat sheet of glass that is a typical smartphone or tablet. True, clip-on gamepads for iOS and Android are available from brands such as MOGA, but I haven't seen any manufacturer release sales figures. In fact, I'm surprised about the lack of figures on MOGA's developer landing page because I figured that a manufacturer of clip-on gamepads would use installed base to court game developers.

Comment Re:Nintendo OFFICIALLY has left the "console" mark (Score 1) 256

How can you do that when it will likely cost at least as much as a typical tablet, because it will have faster graphics hardware?

The Nexus 7 (2012) tablet by ASUS had a Tegra 3 chipset, the latest at the time, and launched at $220. Or is the latest Tegra expected to cost more in 2017 than the Tegra 3 cost in 2012?

Comment Sometimes the NES freezes despite no blinking (Score 1) 256

The NES Game Pak edge connector has three parts: the CPU part, the PPU (Picture Processing Unit) part, and the CIC (Checking Integrated Circuit) part. Bad CIC connection (pins 34, 35, 70, and 71) causes blinking, as you mentioned. But bad CPU connection (pins 2-15 and 38-50) freezes the Control Deck on a blank screen, and bad PPU connection (pins 21-33 and 56-69) causes scrambled tiles, vertical lines, and even freezes in some games.

The PPU failure mode doesn't happen on later Nintendo systems, which have no dedicated PPU bus; all video memory is internal to the console. (In fact, the NES and Neo Geo AES are the only major home consoles to bring the address and data bus for the PPU to the cart edge.) Nor can CPU and CIC connection failure be distinguished on Super NES and Nintendo 64, where the lock chip in the console holds the CPU in constant reset until the CIC pair authenticates. The Game Boy connector has only a CPU bus, and the system authenticates the cartridge by matching the logo data. (Incidentally, Sega's similar Trademark Security System got ruled unenforceable in U.S. courts; see Sega v. Accolade and Lexmark v. Static Control Components.) Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS use block storage, similar to CF or SD, with an encrypted bus.

Comment Re:Because Windows Sucks (Score 1) 258

Easy, you no longer use you laptop to play games.

Then use what instead to play games while away from a monitor and wall power? If a PlayStation Vita, I reiterate the previous question: "Does the PlayStation Vita have a good selection of games?"

Besides you either use a table for the laptop, hence the playstation is not a problem

A bag to carry a laptop, a PlayStation 4 console, and a monitor is much bigger and (once filled) much heavier than a bag to carry only a laptop.

or end up with slowly baked smelly neither regions

What makes you think that?

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