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Comment Re:Free Speech (Score 1) 637

Are you joking?

Explain to me the difference, if any, between Palmer 'retaliating' against Clinton, and Insomniac 'retaliating' against Palmer.

ANY claim Palmer can make to 'free speech' must also extend to Insomniac. Any claim Palmer makes against Insomniac must also apply against Palmer. Either both Palmer and Insomniac have the choice of who to associate with, who to engage in commerce with, and to attempt to sway others to similar thinking, or either of them can.

Comment Re:The size of the farm shouldn't matter.... (Score 1) 190

Apple's dictation software (PlainTalk) was running on System 7.1 Pro 20 years ago, using local hardware 100's of times slower than what I have in my pocket. Basic NLP code was running on the Newton, which was 1000x slower and still managed to handle the basics on top of the handwriting recognition. "Speakable Items" let me run user-writable AppleScripts to automate tasks and was just missing dictatable variable names.

I helped Apple wreck a nice beach.

Comment Re:Asinine. (Score 1) 436

Whaddup, fellow liberal gunny?

The issue isn't 'gun violence,' the issue is 'violence.' Somebody wants to massacre a room full of whoever, they're going to massacre a room full of whoever, guns or no guns. Chainsaw, propane tank, backpack full of molotovs (mix in egg whites in the right proportion for simple napalm,) cube van, diesel/fertilizer bomb, baseball bat, whatever.

Comment Re:Best memory eh? (Score 2) 204

Also the fact that the entire original series, and the movies leading up to 3, were about Kirk wanting nothing more than his career and ship, but he throws it all away, without a second thought, for Spock. No debate, no waffling, doesn't even think about it.

And on the other hand, no hamming it up, no chewing the scenery, no 'Dammit, I LOVE this ship, but SPOCK...NEEDS....ME.'

Comment Re:Good (Score 1) 420

I used to teach at ITT as well, and it was a joke. We had to follow the pre-made lesson plans, because every instructor was supposed to be able to assume each student who had taken a particular course had learned the exact same material. As you mentioned, the material was riddled with mistakes. Also, the students were woefully unprepared, even the ones who were in their 2nd year. If you gave a test with a matching section, but had a larger answer pool than there were questions, they'd freak out. They also couldn't handle short answer or multiple choice questions where more than one answer could be true (i.e. "select all that apply" types of questions). I'd have one or two students who learned quickly, but the majority were just there because they thought programming was a quick way to get rich and had no business behind a keyboard.

Good riddance.

Comment Re:Science (Score 1) 86

It's dead simple to synchronize wireless gear on completely different networks, if you so choose. The gear just needs to support it.

GPS input to produce accurate timing, and configurable RF parameters. Polling so that the AP can tell what client to transmit when.

Sure, banging it into 802.11 is a bitch, but even it's been done; take a look at Cambium's ePMP products.

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