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Submission + - Greatest technology world records (cnet.co.uk)

An anonymous reader writes: Did you know the largest paired Bluetooth devices in the world are two of London's bridges? Or that the biggest camera sensor tops out at 2.3 gigapixels? CNet has a collection of 10 technology world records, spanning supercomputers, software downloads, high-resolution displays and distributed computing networks.

Submission + - Another Farewell to Laissez Faire in Second Life (flickr.com)

Anonymous Avatar writes: Second Life has recently changed its policy to make freebie propagation costly, allegedly to promote better commerce. The paradox of the situation is that this supposedly free (as in beer, but also as in creative license) once-barebones virtual world, whose entire content is created by residents, is managed by a company that apparently no longer cares about its residents — which buys out services that are successful and engages in underhanded efforts for those who resist. The utopia of the metaverse that Second Life has once been lauded as, seems far, far away.

Submission + - Fair-price refund for declining XP EULA no more

mark0 writes: Getting a fair-price refund from Amazon or Asus after declining the Windows XP EULA appears to be a thing of the past. In contrast to reports from the US and the UK from earlier in the year, Amazon simply refuses and provides information to contact Microsoft. Asus is offering US$6. Despite being confronted with publicly available information about the real OEM price of Windows XP Home Edition being $US25-US$30, Asus replies, "The refund price for the decline of the EULA is correct in it being US$6. This price unfortunately is not negotiable I do apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. Please be assured that it is not ASUS intentions to steer you away in any which way."

Submission + - The Geek and Nerd Speech (youtube.com) 1

Jim Kakalios writes: "Fan of your web site, author of the
Physics of Superheroes, science consultant for
the Watchmen film and
mild mannered physics professor here.

Hope its ok to submit a link to talk I recently gave (well, it
is a bit nerdy thing to do, I guess).

In September, I was asked to give a brief talk, representing the faculty,
to the entering class
at the University of Minnesota. There were 7000 students in the
Universtity's hockey arena.

The University has posted the talk on youtube. I thought you might find it
interesting. Sort of a defense of the geek/nerd ethos.


Have a great weekend,

E Pluribus Nerdum

Your Friendly Neighborhood Physics Professor,


Submission + - Is that sushi hazardous to your health? (plosone.org) 1

pdclarry writes: A recent study by scientists at the American Museum of Natural History and Columbia University found that a piece of tuna sushi may not be tuna at all; "A piece of tuna sushi has the potential to be an endangered species, a fraud or a health hazard,” wrote the authors. “All three of these cases were uncovered in this study.”

The study published in PLOSONE examined 68 samples of tuna sushi purchased from 31 restaurants in Manhattan (New York City) and Denver, Colorado. Some of these were from endangered species, others were not as labeled, and some one not tuna at all. Of these last 5 samples labeled as "white tuna" were from a toxic fish, Escolar, which is a gempylid species banned for sale in Italy and Japan due to health concerns. "It can cause gastrointestinal symptoms range from mild and rapid passage of oily yellow or orange droplets, to severe diarrhea with nausea and vomiting. The milder symptoms have been referred to as keriorrhea [i.e. flow of wax in Greek]."

Fraud in sushi is not new; Slashdot also reported study on mislabeling in 2008.. This new study shows that some sushi can actually make you sick. The study was also reported in Wired.

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