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Comment Re:Misstep? (Score 1) 425

Try "Lack of Cooperative Multiplayer". Sure, they had it on consoles. But they asserted to the press that PC gamers only played FPS games to kill their friends, not to engage the monsters (and any story-line, however thin) with the assistance of their friends.

They lost a lot of fans that day. I, for one, am a PC gamer who enjoys cooperative play with friends far more than deathmatches against them. Partly by choice, partly because they still remember the way I booby-trapped a hallway in Half Life and refuse to play deathmatch with me anymore... ;P

The Courts

RIAA-fighting Maine Law Professor Speaks Out 129

NewYorkCountryLawyer writes "In an interview with Jon Newton of p2pnet, Prof. Deirdre Smith of the University of Maine says that 'our students are enthusiastic about being directly connected to a case with a national scope and significance'. The UM Cumberland Legal Aid Clinic is the first law school legal clinic in the U.S. to have taken on the RIAA, to have the opportunity for hands-on experience fighting the RIAA's effort to rewrite copyright law. Smith went on to say that the case is probably one of the first intellectual property cases the clinic has ever taken on, and that if it proceeds further, she expects to also 'draw on the considerable expertise in IP among members of our faculty and the Maine Center for Law and Innovation, another program of the Law School'. "

Submission + - Are Gamers Geeks?

Anonamouse writes: I'm a 50 year-old self-taught programmer. I was lucky enough to be working in the accounting dept of a life insurance company when IBM released the first PC's. My company bought one and I spent my waking hours in front of it or reading anything I could about it. My question is about games and gaming. My wife's 22 yo is living with us. He is an eating, sleeping, shitting and WOW playing child. I think he is good at the game, but all I have is his word for it. Does he have any skills from playing the game (besides) playing the game? His idea of technology and mine are very different. My idea of a "game" is to sit and write a little game (i.e. Sudoku, Yahtzee) in Java, C#, C++, APL, Lisp, Assembler, etc. His is to spend 8-16 hours playing WOW when he's not e, s or s of course.
Give me your wisdom oh, mighty /.ers
Let the flaming begin.

Submission + - UK's Pro Darts Player Blamed Wii For His Lost (

XueCast writes: ", James Wade, a professional darts player from the United Kingdom said that he had been playing Wii Sports' boxing game on his new Nintendo Wii video game console at the day before his second round game of PDC World Darts Championship, and Wade claimed that because of it, he woke up the next morning with muscle stiffness in his back and shoulders, thus reduced his ability to compete properly in the PDC game."

Submission + - New Jersey bans sex offenders from using internet

the_humeister writes: According to the AP, New Jersey has just enacted a new law restricting internet access to sex offenders. Now this wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing save for the fact that "sex offender" now covers such a wide range of actions such that getting caught urinating in public can get you such a label.
Linux Business

Submission + - Another low-power linux mini-PC (

Hillview writes: Seeing the article a few months ago about the Fit-PC , I started looking and found the Koolu Net Appliance, a similar PC with the same AMD Geode processor and 512mb of non-soldered RAM, and an 80-meg HDD. I did purchase one and am happy with it, so I Thought it might interest some of the folks here. Works fine with an iogear KVM, so it makes a nice "secondary" terminal to use for email, browsing, typing, etc.

Submission + - DotNetNuke - Ready for PrimeTime? (

Peter Bromberg writes: "Our group at work needs desperately to have a CMS that is easy to work with for various clients — especially clients that need to be able to "edit" their own corporate web sites. Basically, we needed to have a CMS with which we could just "plug in" a customizable pre-made CSS XHTML "skin" for a particular industry, and customize it to the client's desires."
PC Games (Games)

Submission + - Jack Thompson:Games Industry Colluding With DOD ( 1

mytrip writes: "In a press release sent out yesterday, controversial attorney Jack Thompson claims he has found a correlation between the gaming industry and the US Department of Defense, who, he adds, are using videogames to teach "an entire generation of kids that war is glamorous, cool, desirable, and consequence-free."

The aim of the release is to notify the media of Thompson's new goal: proving the existence of collusion between the gaming industry and the Department of Defense in an effort to train more efficient killers."


Submission + - Lou Dobbs Swears E.T. Is Not An Illegal Alien (

phillybeans writes: "In an interview for his website, Dobbs predicated "a successful manned mission to Mars in the next twenty years". He envisioned colonizing the Moon and farming minerals from various planets and asteroids. Would this "invasion" (a term Dobbs often uses to refer to Mexicans entering the USA) and colonization of neighboring planets make our astronauts "illegal aliens"? Would our space program expect English to be spoken throughout the universe? How difficult will it be to fill these dirty farming jobs on distant planets when right here on planet earth we can't find anyone to wash dishes or mow lawns?"
Data Storage

Submission + - Top 10 weird data disasters (

mightysquirrel81 writes: Check out some of the oddest data retrieval missions data recovery company Kroll Ontrack has had to deal with in 2007. From ant infestations to fixing a squeaking hardrive by pouring oil on it, these need to be seen to be believed.

Submission + - Idan Raichel Project - An Unexpected Musical Succe (

Anonymous Coward writes: "The Idan Raichel Project burst onto the Israeli music scene in 2002, changing the face of Israeli popular music and offering a message of love and tolerance that resonated strongly in a region of the world where the headlines are too often dominated by conflict. here you can read and see a video from one of the famous songs of Idan Raichel Project."

Submission + - Review of OOXML

nb writes: "Concerned about the implications of the intolerable and closed processes of Ecma and ISO/IEC and the obvious corruption of several national decision-making committees, one member of a national standardization body has decided to step out of the confines of the ISO/IEC process and launch with a Call For Participation for creating a "problem report" document about OOXML that can help ISO/IEC national member bodies with evaluating whether the changes that will be decided at the OOXML "Ballot Resolution Meeting" (BRM) in February are sufficient to address OOXML's most serious problems. After the BRM, national ISO/IEC member bodies have the opportunity of changing their vote."

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