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Submission + - Debian GNU/Linux 5.0 ("Lenny") released (

hweimer writes: "After 22 months of development, Debian GNU/Linux version 5.0 (codenamed "Lenny") has been released. New features include a port to ARM's EABI architecture, a free-as-in-speech Java implementation based on OpenJDK, and lots of updated software packages. The release is dedicated to the memory of Thiemo Seufer, who died in a tragic car accident last December."

Submission + - NASA misspelled shuttle name (

wolf369T writes: "NASA apparently misspelled the name of the next shuttle planned for launch from pad 39A of Kennedy Space Center, reported. The banner placed in front of the pad said "Go Endeavor", missing the "u" from the correct "Go Endeavour" spelling. They put a man in the moon but they still have some problems with spelling their own shuttles and you wonder if a Mars probe fails now and then...
The issue was fixed after some calls were made. Go Endeavour!"


Submission + - Stephen Hawking Going to Iran for Physics Olympiad

BuzzSkyline writes: "PhysicsBuzz is reporting that Stephen Hawking will be traveling to Iran in July to address competitors in the 2007 International Physics Olympiad. The Olympiad is an annual competition among high schoolers from every continent who gather to battle for the gold medals awarded to the world's brightest physics students."

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