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Comment Re: Equal amounts? (Score 1) 317

Do I think attacking the Hillary campaign is wrong? Not particularly. Especially if the information is being dropped right in their lap. I do expect them to release whatever damning information they receive. What I don't expect is for them to pick favorites. They can't even be bothered to make a token effort to find something on Trump.

It's not Wikileaks' responsibility to find the stuff; it's their responsibility (as far as they've taken it on) to publish what they're given. Do you have evidence that they have a bunch of dirt on Trump that they're refusing to publish? If it would just take a "token effort" to find it, then don't you think that the Democrats would have it by now?

Comment I feel the same way. (Score 1) 260

And the question wasn't addressed in the video.

Can this function like a normal tablet? Will I be able to remove the controller modules and carry it around and read email, use Chrome and Google Now and Microsoft Office apps and snap photos? Or is this a dedicated gaming machine that's just modular?

If the latter, I wouldn't buy it. If the former, I'd buy it to replace my current 8" tablet, as a tablet PLUS gaming experience. But I need a tablet, and I don't want to have to have TWO tablets just to get slightly better gameplay on one of them.

If it's a one tablet concept (would have to be Android, I assume, to have the ecosystem) then great. If it's just a game console with fancy industrial design? Pass. I have good enough gaming on my current tablet.

Comment Re:Pretty interesting (Score 1) 409

As the others have said, Wikileaks isn't out of play at all.

You're right, they are not necessarily out of play on this. The out-of-play scenario I have in mind (with zero evidence for it, mind you) is that the organization with all this data has been sending it to Assange (or making it available online) encrypted with his public key.

With Assange unable to handle things, they would have to find another part of Wikileaks they trust to share their publication goals. Perhaps that's not so easy.

Comment Re:hmm (Score 1) 212

Aesthetics is a legitimate thing to have a preference on; I mean, let's be honest, that's the reason behind like 80% of Apple purchases. And obviously there are other features I like better about Android, particularly native filesystem access without having to install a kludgy app, and its integration with Google services.

Comment Pretty interesting (Score 1) 409

With WikiLeaks (likely) out of play, whoever has been sending WikiLeaks the Democrats' data will either have to find another channel for release, or stop releasing. In the former case, that may give intelligence agencies a better idea of their target.

I wonder if there was a back-channel conversation with Ecuador -- something like "Whoever is behind this, Ecuador is effectively acting as an accessory to some outside party attempting to alter the US presidential election. Is that *really* how you want us to treat this?"

Comment Re:pixel (Score 1) 212

Except that in the case of platforms, you may have a lot of money tied into either the "App Store" or "Google Play" for apps/music/video/etc

In addition, there's the pain of migrating calendars and the like. There are export options and tools to assist in that, but it could still get painful I fear. For music, Spotify customers would be fine but I am not sure about Play or iTunes, even where it is just a matter of playlists.

It's hard to tell of course how many people this matters for. In effect the article is telling us fewer than 50% of Note 7 owners are both clueful and worry about migration problems.

Comment Re:Clinton, Podesta, Putin and Trump (Score 1) 435

That bloggger didn't remember well enough. He (and you) are missing intermediate posts about it that are linked in the Year of the Lie of 2013 post -- so there's no excuse for him missing it.

From politifact in 2009: http://www.politifact.com/trut...

Now, close to a year later, we finally have detailed bills to examine. They closely mirror what Obama promised during the campaign.

But the plans also introduce new ways of regulating health insurance companies that will surely change the current health care system. That could prompt employers to change their health plans, and we find Obama's statement less clear-cut now than it once seemed.
(emphasis mine)

So apparently Don Surber was a lot less honest than Politifact. That's why I never believe right-wing online nuts "fact-checking" because they always -- ALWAYS -- either intentionally or unintentionally omit something important or misinterpret what is said.

Comment Re:Clinton, Podesta, Putin and Trump (Score 0) 435

First, "honesty" is something you want in a President, but it isn't the only quality. Secondly, in this election the 3rd party candidates are terrible. Gary Johnson just seems almost as unknowledgeable as Trump, as does Jill Stein. I considered third-party candidates -- and rejected them. I think a lot of people are the same.

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