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Comment What passes for science in the US (Score 1) 649

There are so many Americans who have no idea how to decipher valid science from junk science. They listen to celebrities anecdotal evidence and then hook their children up for chelation treatments to cure various maladies. God is not part of science. I believe there may be a God but I don't see how it fits into science curriculum.

Comment Re:Warning: Snarky comment (Score 1) 75

My carb intake varies depending how active I am. Between 30 and 60 grams a day. Actually Researchers have a huge interest in learning how to cure type I by studying RNY patients who have type II Diabetes. These patients show normal blood sugar levels within days of the surgery, before any weight loss has occurred. The research around this is referred to as the foregut hypotheses of diabetes remission. Even non obese Type II diabetics can benefit from this surgery. Hopefully it will lead to more treatment options for type !.

Comment Re:Warning: Snarky comment (Score 1) 75

It may be manageable but I disagree it's not fairly easy to cure. Some type II patients make less insulin than others. When I was pregnant my perfect A1C scores were destroyed and I ate minimal carbs. I was on 7 shots of insulin a day. The placenta steers the boat like a Drunk Kennedy. Does anyone have any study information about how many Diabetics both types were cured by RNY surgery? It is a lot less risky than an organ transplant and costs a lot less.

Submission + - MIT Researchers want to replace Wearables with Wireless (mit.edu)

An anonymous reader writes: MIT researchers develop technology that can can monitor people's breathing and heart rate through walls. "Their latest report demonstrates that they can now detect gestures as subtle as the rise and fall of a person’s chest. From that, they can determine a person's heart rate with 99 percent accuracy. The research could be used for health-tracking apps, baby monitors, and for the military and law enforcement." The report describes how they extended their through-wall technology to up to five users and how they track vital signs.

Submission + - Google Fit to curate steps, calories, heart rate, other biometric data (arstechnica.com)

mpicpp writes: Google is planning to release a new product called Google Fit that will aggregate health data from various devices and apps, according to a report Thursday from Forbes. Fit will use available APIs to pull biometric information together into one place, but it's unclear whether it will be a standalone app or part of the Android OS.

Reports of Fit come on the heels of Apple's announcement of HealthKit in iOS 8, a system that also interacts with apps and APIs to curate and present health data like steps walked, calories consumed, and heart rates logged. Fit also follows the announcement of Sami, Samsung's health platform for culling health-related info.

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