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Submission + - Google Nose Beta! (

SkeeZerD writes: The new scentsation in search

Coming to your senses: go beyond type, talk, and touch for a new notation of sensation.
Your internet sommelier: expertly curated Knowledge Panels pair images, descriptions, and aromas.
Take a whiff: the Google Aromabase — 15M+ scentibytes.
Don't ask, don't smell: For when you're wary of your query — SafeSearch included.


Submission + - Major Russian Hacker Forum Hacked (

Trailrunner7 writes: One of the premiere forums used by cyber criminals has been breached and a database of over 2,000 members leaked., a closed forum that is frequented by high profile members of the cyber underground was allegedly attacked on February 18 by members of a rival forum, Direct Connection, and its members list and content was exposed, according to the Lifenew report, dated Feb. 25. The Web site was unreachable on Monday and Whois records suggest that the domain registration was updated on February 22, four days after the alleged hack.

Submission + - Annonymous attacks Ameircans for Prosperity's site (

Cwix writes: The cyber protest group Anonymous has joined the protesters of Wisconsin and Americans all across this country in the battle against what they described as the “Koch brothers attempt usurp democracy.” The opening salvo in Anon’s OpWisconsin occurred today when the Koch brothers funded Americans for Prosperity was knocked offline in an attempt to take a small slice of the Internet back from the liberty stealing propagandists.

Press release from Anonymous:


Submission + - TSA Pat Downs, Searches After Passengers Get Off T ( 4

intellitech writes: According to a first-hand video account from a train station in Savannah, Georgia, the Transportation Security Administration is now performing security pat downs and bag searches AFTER passengers disembark from their trips. This could be expected from a country like China or the former Soviet Union, but there is simply no legitimate justification for such actions in the United States of America, unless our government is now attempting to mimic authoritarian regimes, which seems very much to be the case.

Submission + - No proof (yet) of P = NP after all (

00_NOP writes: "Internet commerce seems safe for now as Russian computer scientist Vladimir Romanov has conceded that his previously published solution to the "3 SAT" problem of boolean algebra does not work. If his solution did work it would have shown that many problems thought to be unsolvable with conventional computers — including decrypting your HTTPS encoded credit card number — would have been solvable in polynominal time. Romanov, who is very far from the sort of crank who normally claims to have proved P = NP or the opposite, is not giving up though..."

Submission + - Lost Google mail

nerdicwalker writes: "While the latest post on Gmail’s blog tells us improvements with labels and the Apps Status Dashboard states “no issues” for Gmail, people are reporting total wipeout of all their email archives. Although the number of affected subscribers is still unknown, posts on Google’s support page and posts on Twitter mention the disappearance of messages."

Submission + - Get Online Using IPv6 Even Without Native IPv6 (

techlooser writes: "Most of the service providers today do not support IPv4. Is you need IPv6 connectivity or want to be one of the first few to adopt or you just want the bragging rights, use this simple howto to help you get connected using IPv6 even if your service provider does not provide native IPv6 connections."

Submission + - Mac OS X backdoor Trojan, now in beta? (

xsee writes: "A new Mac Trojan has been found in the wild that allows an attacker to execute remote shell commands, leave messages for the victim, reboot the computer and more. While remote-access malware is nothing new, this one includes a very simple to use GUI that could tempt less skilled attackers."

Comment Re:Ban guns (Score 1) 2166

Banning the possession of firearms by civilians will ensure that only tyrants and criminals will have them.

Not only that, but what a dangerous precedent! The right to bare arms is guaranteed by the Bill of Rights. If the precedent is set for overturning that, what happens next? The freedom of press dies? Right to assembly gone? Illegal search/seizure free for all? State sponsored religion?

We have a right to militia and bare arms so that when/if We The People decide the only way to affect change in our government is through violence, we have the means to do so.


Submission + - Owning Android (

daveaitel writes: Immunity has posted a great video of how easy it is to own Android remotely. Most of the video is commentary, but the demo is fairly substantial!

Submission + - Bill O'Reilly: science cannot explain the tides ( 1

tverbeek writes: David Silverman of the American Atheists was a guest on The O'Reilly Factor to talk about the billboards the AAG has put up recently, including one declaring the Christian Nativity story a myth. O'Reilly, playing to his home-field advantage, figured he could show up his guest by citing a daily miracle that proved the legitimacy of religion, a mystery beyond the ability of science to grasp: "The tide comes in and it goes out, Mr. Silverman," he lectured. "It always comes in, and always goes out. You can't explain that."

Submission + - Cedega Being Replaced By GameTree Linux (

An anonymous reader writes: Transgaming Cedega, the software forked from Wine that allows running Windows games under Linux, is being discontinued and replaced by TreeGame Linux. This new software is also free. From the new website: "TransGaming is pleased to announce the continued development of Cedega Technology under the GameTree Developer Program. This repositioning of the technology that powered the Cedega Gaming Service will allow the entire Linux community to gain free access going forward. Cedega is a cross-platform enablement technology that allows for Windows-native games to be executed on both the Linux desktop and embedded Linux platforms."

Submission + - Leaked: US government strategy to prevent leaks

Steve writes: The US government's 11-page document on how to get various US government agencies to prevent future leaks has been leaked to MSNBC. It doesn't get any more ironic than that. After the various leaks made by WikiLeaks, the US government understandably wants to limit the number of potential leaks, but their strategy apparently isn't implemented yet. The memo was sent this week to senior officials at all agencies that use classified material.

It's clear that the Obama administration is telling federal agencies to take aggressive steps to prevent further leaks. According to the document, these steps include figuring out which employees might be most inclined to leak classified documents, by using psychiatrists and sociologists to assess their trustworthiness. The memo also suggests that agencies require all their employees to report any contacts with members of the news media they may have.

Submission + - pantomime dress broke Geneva Convention (

RockDoctor writes: No, it is a serious news story, honestly. Copyright, protecting trademarks or losing them, yadda yadda.

The Red Cross (as in ICRC, etc) has certain symbols reserved unto it by international conventions and agreements, including, unsurprisingly, the Geneva Conventions on the conduct of warfare. Which is not, in itself unreasonable. But reasonable things can lead to unreasonable consequences, in this case having to threaten to shut down a show designed for children's entertainment on account of it including a character in a nurse's uniform replete with red crosses. Which is unreasonable. Particularly unreasonable considering that the show apparently includes a much better reason for keeping children away, in that it's a pantomime including cross-dressing men, other men in tights, and quite bizarre practices with Little Johnny and a long bow.

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