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Comment Re:Bluetooth Headphones (Score 1, Informative) 335

I have never had any issues using bluetooth headphones while my Android watch is connected. Not once.

I also haven't had issues with interaction with "wifi-rich" environments, and I live in a 26 story building with dozens of WIFI networks.

The battery life issue is entirely dependent on what model of headset you have. I did the research, and got a set that lasts a good long while.

I'm not saying that I agree with the removal of the jack, but your arguments don't apply to any environment I've encountered in recent years.

6 years or so, Bluetooth was far more dodgy, and didn't provide sufficient quality for music anyway.

Comment Re:Please let Tizen succeed (Score 1) 122

wow. E! had a lot of configurability, but I never successfully set up a work environment in it (this was probably around E! 15 or 16 I think... been around 8 years). I can't imagine using it for mobile. Never got low level enough to work with the Foundation Libs. Sounds like I lucked out.

Comment Re:Please let Tizen succeed (Score 1) 122

Tizen offers precisely nothing that Android doesn't already have, apart from lock-in to Samsung's eco system, with it's also-ran alternatives to things Google/Android already does far better (S-Voice is garbage, for instance).

I had one Tizen device, a Gear S watch. As soon as Android Wear arrived, I got rid of it.

Comment Re:Once more, Samsung misses the point (Score 1) 67

But they have failed with every one of the attempts they've made. S Voice: Useless. I understand their motivations, but that ship already sailed. People that are on Android and using those services are already using the Google versions of them. If they get a phone that, like the S5 did initially, tries to redirect them to an inferior service, they will return the phone and buy another brand.

Comment Once more, Samsung misses the point (Score 3, Insightful) 67

Trying to get people to use yet another Samsung version of something that already exists in a very usable form that is NOT Samsung specific will not sell more phones. I use Google Now/Home, I have no interest in using a different personal assistant that doesn't adequately integrate with the services I already use. I'm not going to switch to Samsung versions of those services, I'll just switch to another Android brand once I need to upgrade my S6.

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