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Comment Re:Netflix has a unique and obvious strategy. (Score 1) 187

The problem is that when streaming first started, with Netflix, everyone thought, "Yay! were gonna get all the shows, EVERRRR!".

And here it is years later and we still don't get that, because as you say, Balkanization.
Also, IMHO, streaming is a bad way to watch anything that would look better via Blu-Ray, and yes, I have the HD streaming option, and Blu-Ray is better.

Comment Re:That's Right (Score 3, Interesting) 66

You are correct.

Also, the interesting thing is, back in the late 90s to early 2000s when large numbers of people in the US started getting online, the slowly emerging conventional wisdom was "don't believe everything you see/read/hear on the internet".

I would say part of that is from the fact that at that time, many websites, blogs, email chains, etc looked pretty crude and not "professional" and slick like everything now is.

Fast forward to today, where ultra slick "social" sites and apps have made the big lies more likely to be believed, and the truth harder to get to.

Comment Re:Kicking millions of Chinese out of jobs... (Score 1) 140

Well, that's easily solved: just do as Europe did and import millions of unlettered muslims. We're already enjoying great benefits here in Europe in such diverse areas as population reduction (with deadly attacks on a weekly basis), elimination of our freedoms, and of course cultural genocide!

Since Europe doesn't have the manpower or financial resources to maintain the kind of "watch" they really need to keep a lid on their recent immigrant population, they will resort to using more and more "digital invasiveness", which is a cheaper and easier way of dealing with it.

In other words, Europe, like the US and other First World countries will become more and more police-state like to deal with the imagined and real threat from those populations, of which a very, very small number are actually any threat at all.

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