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Comment Re:Was this all that "green" energy? (Score 3, Informative) 166

Slashdot can't go more than a few days without the usual article about how backwards the U.S. is and how far advanced China's "green" energy is.

Does this mean that green energy is the cause of all this air pollution?

The two main culprits are Coal burning and auto and truck exhaust.
But you knew that...

I get it though, you were trying to be "cute" with a ridiculous and inflammatory statement about "green" energy.

If Coal burning is "green", then it is the cause of all this air pollution.

Comment Who are these people? (Score 1) 295

Who are these people who get packages delivered to their homes when there isn't something there to retrieve them?
Why do these people trust that a package will sit on their doorstep for hours and no one will take it?
What time period do they think we live in?

I don't get the naivete.

Almost every week I hear something through the grapevine that someone in my neighborhood had a package stolen off their porch. It's a good thing I'm not on FB or it would be hard for me not to ask the hard questions of those who have things delivered to their homes when they aren't there.

Comment Conservatives and Fact Checking (Score 2) 415

I've been around a while, voted in several elections and have been an avid consumer of news, current events and history since I was in grammar school.
If there is one thing I've noticed down through the years, it is that Conservatives(and especially alt-right/tea party types) really don't like fact checking.

They will use any number of rhetorical ploys, misdirection, hyperbole, etc to "blur" and obfuscate the facts.
In my experience I have noticed that as soon as the word "fact" gets brought up in a conversation, whether on or offline, conservatives start to squirm and almost universally have an instant gut reaction of disdain. They equate "facts" as something that those liberal elite scientist/academia types use to rationally take apart their ill conceived FB memes. This is strange to me, because I would assume that someone with a very passionate opinion about something would want things fact checked and corroborated.

Now this behavior is not universal with conservatives, as I know a guy who is a conservative, is very bright, and we are actually friends, though we disagree on politics. When we are around each other we calmly discuss our differences regarding politics, but it never gets heated or personal. He is all about facts and following an empirical method, etc;

Another Example:
I have a co-worker who has a degree in meteorology, and worked at a climate center at a major university. He is also a conservative Republican that would agree with most statements and opinions put out by Republicans, especially on social issues. One day at work we were discussing the weather as we always do, how it is warmer now than it was 10 or 20 years ago(the discussion was purely anecdotal, we weren't pulling up NOAA data). Someone then asked "what do you think about climate change? Is it real? Is it caused by people?" His answer didn't surprise me, because I know how smart this guy is. He said "climate change is completely backed up by the facts and the scientific evidence, and yes, it is very likely that the carbon put into the atmosphere is the cause". Then he went on to couch all that he had said in apolitical back-peddling sort of self-editing, so as not to offend those in earshot who are of the anti-fact mindset(which I found very humorous!)

Keep in mind this is just an example, but one that shows that not all conservatives are anti-fact, or anti-empirical-method or anti-corroboration.
Just most of them.

Comment Re:Am I in a goddamn cyberpunk novel? (Score 1) 551

I mean, with all these goddamn meetings happening in goddamn Trump Tower, am I the only one thinking that it's like a goddamn prolog to a bad cyberpunk-dystopia novel?

More like Operation Mindcrime from the 1988 Queensryche album. Except in this version, Doctor X is the guy putting Trump into office.

Comment Re: Am I in a goddamn cyberpunk novel? (Score 1) 551

You are correct sir.
I have friends and relatives that are still traumatized by what has happened, and they can't believe that Trump is the PE.
That is, someone with blatant autocratic, racist, xenophobic and nationalist overtones is the PE.
That is, someone who has supporters that are out-and-proud white nationalists, racists and xenophones.

People are scared, and rightly so.
But now especially is not the time to "go down into the bunker" and hide from scary tRump.

Comment Re:Absolute Green Propaganda (Score 1) 176

Apparently you fail the grasp the facts that our reliance on carbon based energy like coal and oil is causing us many different environmental problems.
Forget about climate change and just focus on air pollution:

I really fail to understand why people continue to support an energy and technology that we have been using since the beginning of the industrial revolution.
It is time to grow up and move on to less polluting energy sources.

With that being said, there is nothing wrong with using oil and petrochemicals for things like plastics, medicines, industry, chemistry, etc;
If we could move away from using coal for electricity and oil for transportation it would greatly reduce our polluted air problem.

Comment Re:This works for me (Score 2) 416

When people stopped chasing after the American Dream to have it all and learn to live a modest lifestyle.

Which is interesting, because "a modest lifestyle" was the norm until the mid 1950s.
I grew up with my grandmother and heard plenty about what life was like in the first half of the 20th century, which is to say, much, much different that what we have now.

This over the top consumerist planet killing lifestyle we have enjoyed since then is quite an anomaly, and won't last.

Comment Original Content (Score 1) 162

I understand NF decision to focus on original content.
From their perspective it makes sense, and from what I've seen, they are trying a "throw everything at the wall and see what sticks" method.
Most of their original content isn't that good.

However, some of it is exceptional.

Also, there are loads of vintage Hollywood classics on NF, as well as docs that are really good.

When I hear people say they can't find anything to watch on NF I assume their interests in film are likely to be the sort of garbage you can get at Redbox.

Comment There should be an internet license (Score 2) 789

I know this is completely untenable, but there should a license to get online.

There should be training, perhaps like going through drivers ed or hunters ed, to get a license to get on the internet.
These dipshits, these FB idiots who believe every bizarre and completely unverified story or anecdote they see online should not have the ability to even be there in the first place.

Comment Re:Mandate reporting when antibiotics are prescrib (Score 1) 75

Correct me if I'm wrong, but my understanding of this problem is that it is mainly driven by industrial agricultures over-reliance on antibiotics to increase the weight of their livestock.

I've noticed there has been a coordinated media effort to lay blame on doctors(not that they are without blame in this mess) and on purchasing antibiotics from Mexico, etc.

However, isn't the majority of antibiotic use in AG?

Comment Re:RTFA (Score 1) 113

"Backed by early Windows 10 transitions that are expected to boost commercial PC shipments in the next couple of years, and steady growth of SWaaS (Spyware as a Service) which should help shorten refresh cycles of commercial systems in the long-term, the overall US PC market sentiment certainly seems to be improving".


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