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Comment Re:Gun Enthuients (Score 1) 1374

I guess that given the choice between protecting your constitutional rights or fellow citizens desire to not be randomly killed that each side as made a choose however are there are two problems, secondly both sides are right. Firstly, both sides are also wrong.

* Pro-gun is correct to protect all citizens constitutional rights because erosion of a single right could easily cascade to removal of some or all rights. Trying to remove gun crime from society without removing a citizens right to bear arms is impossible when Anti-gun ignore the unintended consquences of their arguments. (Refer to Anti-gun is wrong).
* Pro-gun is wrong to assume the USA is a despotic hell-hole where fully automatic weapons are required for protection in a civilised society. Other similarly well armed nations control weapons, outlaw fully automatic weapons are have a level of gun crime several orders of magnitude less that the USA. (Refer to Anti-gun is correct).
* Anti-gun is correct to desire the same level of safety from gun death as other well armed countries (such as Canada, Switzerland and Australia) because protections demanded by pro-gun are unnecessary. The likihood of being killed by a stolen weapon is far, far more likely than the USA will (1) turn into a hellish, totolertarian fascist state overnight. (Refer to Pro-gun is wrong).
* Anti-gun is wrong when they fail to consider the unintended consquences of their attempts to limit the 4th amendment (for the reasons which pro-gun is right).

Two sets of interdependant logic creates two examples of circular logic (it's very difficult to break one circular logic cycle, this problem has two sets circular logic). I don't know which side will win however the outcomes for anti-gun failing are far, far more likely to be horrible than if pro-gun is wrong.

Comment Class Notes vs. Study Notes (Score 1) 217

I found that doing the pre-reading gives a rudimentary understanding of the topic so you know what to research. A summary explaining each point goes into your Study Notes with a longer explanation of points you didn't understand.

Your question related to Class Notes that are best notes on parts of topics you missed and a list of required research.

The type of information rich, linked document you want to create is more appropriate if you were lecturing on the subject matter.

Study Notes: The summary you review at the end of the year/term/semester
Class Notes: Explanation of parts of topics you don't understand and points to research on your own time.

At worst, always do the pre-reading so if you need to ask a question you can demonstrate *some* understanding of the underlying issues and briefly state either (1) the parts you *do* understand or (2) the leads you've researched that failed to resolve the question.

Comment Re:Weekly/Monthly Salary (Score 1) 1103

I started with the thought that declaring an ultimatium to the employeer to pay cash which is legal tender and compulsory for any transaction else use a direct credit was a good idea until I found your own currency isn't legal tender.

Until America accepts it's own currency in any transaction (within it's own borders) then corporations can issue their own cards, bills, or currency for which you'll continue to pay the rate set by the issuer (which is a horrible, terrible idea). Make your own currency legal tender would give you the tools to solve this problem.

Comment Don't. Just don't. (Score 1) 285

New Zealand has similar format shifting exceptions to the Copyright Act however this exemption does NOT exist in the US. If it's against US law you are vulnerable to prosecution, don't take the risk. Don't take the media through US customs (who will want your finger prints anyway).

Copy the data, encrypt the drive and get a friend/family member to courier the encrypted copy to you later.

Comment We do have Newspapers in New Zealand (Score 1) 114

Using a foreign Australian newspaper for a New Zealand story is about the same as using a Mexican newspaper to report on an issue in the U.S.

The New Zealand newspaper of record is the New Zealnd Herald which carried this story 3 weeks agao (when it was topical) -

Oh! and sweet as bro.

Comment Why Did these Guys Choose New Zealand? (Score 1) 1005

It was a surprise to that foreign millionaires resident in New Zealand were arrest for crimes in the US (when as far as I can determine, they didn't visit the US). I have to quote part of the police comments:

"Wormald says today's operation was a successful one despite a less than straightforward entry to the Dotcom Mansion. Police arrived in two marked Police helicopters. Despite our staff clearly identifying themselves Mr Dotcom retreated into the house and activated a number of electronic locking mechanisms.

While Police neutralised these locks he then further barricaded himself into a safe room within the house which officers had to cut their way into. Once they gained entry into this room they found Mr Dotcom near a firearm which had the appearance of a shortened shotgun"[1].

This cop is a pretty laid-back type of guy (in a nation where even understatement is an understatement) to the point where he described the house entry with a straight face.

[1] Stuff, Friday 20th January 2012,

Comment Re:Canadians, this is your chance (Score 1) 164

You don't want the TPP and you don't want the US forcing their copyright laws onto you. Here's your chance to say that you want neither.. you should holler it from the rooftops until every last corrupt politician knows it.

Totally, absolutely, completely agree!

Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom already share so much in common. Far more to negotiate with your cousins than the neighbours.

Comment TPP Does NOT Need America (Score 5, Insightful) 164

I respect Canada for placing *their* needs before that of the US unlike the New Zealand and Australian governments act of total, complete and utter capitulation.

TPP doesn't need the US and Canada should be brave enough to propose direct negotiation with Australia, New Zealand, Brunei and Singapore. When you include the United Kingdom then these four Commonwealth realms have so very much more in common than a shared and separate Head of State. Our support of democracy, human rights, the doctrine of common law, a single language and our Westminster Parliamentary tradition to entreat with our contemporises in Brunei and Singapore. Diplomats already refer to these four nations as CANZUK then by including both Brunei and Singapore we'd have a trading pact second only to the US, Japan, the EU and China (with NZ already in an FTA with China and Australia very likely soon to follow).

It's the Commonwealth unification of similar minds and morals for *our* own mutual benefit instead just American copyright holders who continue to extend their copyright period.

Submission + - Kiwi Geeks - Listen Up You Primative Screwheads(1) (

Sinesurfer writes: There is a solution when the NZL Govt Rushes Thru Controversial Anti-Piracy Law []
after the US Offered To Draft NZ 3-Strikes Law, Fund Copyright Initiative [].
Certainly it is not a much fun when a NZ MP Enjoys Copyright Infringement, Votes For 3 Strikes []
so the New Zealand Pirate Party —

[1] Listen Up, You Primitive Screwheads!!! The Unexpurgated Cyberpunk Referee's Guide, 1994, R. Talsorian Games, Inc, ISBN-13: 978-0937279458

Comment That Magma is very Close (Score 3, Informative) 215

It's a wonderful idea (and don't get me wrong, we use geothermal energy in NZ [it's around 5% of our power generation]) but the inherent danger of magma is that if you make one little error you're dealing with MAGMA!!!

it's the second most hostile energy source after nuclear energy, the only difference is the half life isn't thousands of years.

oh! and 7000 is little more than 2 kilometres, that's really, really, really close for magma (the other way to look at it is that it's a very, very, very think mantle on the Earth near Iceland). Most other estiamtes of the Earth's mantle are ~=50-60 Km's vs. 3% of the average thickness beneath Iceland.

Good luck to Iceland!

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