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Comment Re: This needs to stay (Score 1) 268

you're dumb enough to esteem the judgment of a guy who hired someone dumb enough to take money from foreign sources and not report it

Oh, you're referring to the guy THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION gave a security clearance to in 2016, following a review of his business dealings in Russia? That guy? One of the reasons he didn't get even more scrutiny while being considered for that job was the fact that the previous administration had just vetted him post Russian involvement and considered him worthy of an unsponsored security clearance. Which you know, but you're pretending you don't so you can spew your usual phony ad hominem. Thanks for tending so carefully to your ongoing hypocrisy display. Continue!

Comment Re:This needs to stay (Score 1, Informative) 268

It's one of the few things the EPA does that's useful and efficient. Setting a national standard is well within the things that government should do. Compared to all the really wasteful things they do this should certainly be kept.

Except it's the manufacturers that self-report their own idea of efficiency, essentially self-awarding themselves this meaningless label. You'll recall the famous experiment where someone sent in an Energy Star application featuring their design for a gasoline powered alarm clock. Which was of course granted Energy Star status, not only sight-unseen, but obviously without even a moment's critical thinking on the part of whatever bureaucratic clerk is holding the exact job that Trump very reasonably considers a waste of your taxes. If consumers want a real standard, they should embrace something the Underwriters Laboratories standard for safety. Privately run, and rigorous.

Comment Re:Is anyone falling for this? (Score 1) 116

Which part? Referencing Wolf Blitzer referring to a non-existent "Muslim ban?" Or MSNBC spending a day lying about how Rachel Maddow was going to "release Trump's taxes?" Typical liberal, you, carefully avoiding the topic and going for lazy ad hominem instead. Because you sure wouldn't want to address the points being made - that would require you to acknowledge that they refer to actual things that make your preferred narrative less truthy-feeling. Can't have that. No! I love how in a discussion about fake news, you're asserting that the person relaying simple (and verifiable by you) facts is virulently ignorant. Thanks for proving my point. Good to have your help.

Comment Re:Is anyone falling for this? (Score 2) 116

So you are unable to actually understand that a temporary immigration halt that impacts under 10% of Muslims in the world (only a tiny, tiny fraction of which would be looking to immigrate anyway) is ... something that it's not? Please explain how the current Muslim ban works. Details, please.

Comment Re:Yeah... but no. (Score 1) 709

An engineering education alone without any experience does not make an engineer. However I would agree a "degreed engineer" is a legitimate distinction that should not be suppressed. Rather "registered engineer", particularly with the central disciplines and state filed, stamped paperwork, should be the legally protected term. Otherwise many issues of competition, guilds, Constituitional violations (e.g. free speech) occur.

Also context is important.

Comment Re: Yes but (Score 2) 709

He was probably mistaken to advertise himself as an engineer without further verbal qualifications or disclaimers to a state board. More interesting would be if he stated his education and experience and said that he is specifically not an iOregon registered (mechanical, civil, electrical, etc) engineer.

Public discussion alone of suggestion of errors, principles, calculations and opinions should clearly not be forestalled by such suppressive action. The fine sounds like a power grab in two directions, both over bland use of "engineer" vs "registered engineer", and criticism over the traffic lights. * Certainly if he was licensed and practiced in another state, there would be other Constitutionl issues * Many people have various engineering degrees and work for large organizations with registered discipline engineers carying the stamp * Much of the work is not in highly regulated areas, or simply involves research, operations, administrative and supervisorial duties * Much work goes on in new, evolving areas that would overlap disciplines.

Personally I think a lot of the problems with medicine include too broad licensing laws in was that conflict with discovery and progress by outsiders.

Comment Re:Is anyone falling for this? (Score 3, Insightful) 116

You are making up an alternative meaning for the phrase fake news.

Nah. It's well understood at this point to mean, "People using widely consumed platforms to spread information they know is incorrect, and doing so while presenting those lies as facts." So, when someone on CNN says there is a "Muslim ban," they know they're lying and that they're producing and spreading fake news. You know they are, their informed audience knows it's fake, and some small number of non-critical-thinking dolts take it as fact. But it's fake news. Click-bait factories in Eastern Europe are NOT the only or even a predominant source of this. Most of it comes right out of mainstream media habitats right in the US.

It is the easiest way to make money there.

It's true. When an operation like MSNBC spends an entire news cycle hyping the fact that their head fake-news-talking-head is going to "release Trump's taxes," when they know perfectly well they have no such thing and will do no such thing (except a readily available snipped that - even by itself - undermines their own narrative) ... when that happens, and they get a big ratings boost from that lie, yeah - easy money if they don't care about the fact they have to lie to do it.

Efforts to identify and remove fake news have no political intent


Comment Professional journalists? (Score 3, Insightful) 182

Professional journalists are some of the highest-profile PRODUCERS of fake news. I accidentally tuned to CNN the other night. Holy mackerel. I had no idea that Chicago's rampant crime problem only got really bad when the new administration put the new nation-wide Muslim ban in place. Hopefully Jimmy Wales won't be looking to get Wolf Blitzer involved in fighting fake news, because that's like getting gasoline involved in fighting a fire.

Comment Re:More "trust me" science (Score 1) 280

The Real Lies website has damaged the credibility of government funded Big Science. Most people wish they could grade their own papers in college the same way. Imagine everyone graduates summa cum laude despite despite years of financial dissolution and academic cheating.

Farmers Almanac does a better job on prediction. It's based on solar activity.

Comment dangerous academics (Score 1) 280

Actually the kinetic studies on the atmosphere show that we are already turning over the CO2 surprisingly fast. It's conceivable that we won't be able to double the atmospheric CO2 levels given some decent management of the land and water.

In any case, we seem to probably be sliding toward a Maunder type minimum for the next 30 - 200 years, assuming it's not the Big One (ice age). Oh yeah, the onset of Ice Ages was the original rationale for the funding for climate studies that they haven't done much on.... This idiot is running around trying to cool it further. TOTAL F'G FAIL

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