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Submission + - OpenBSD Project Needs Your Money (

SillyWilly writes: There's an article over at undeadly detailing a post to the main OpenBSD mailing list concerning how slow CD sales are at the moment. It's a passionate plea and a reminder that most of us use software developed by the OpenBSD team without a second's thought to the effort which goes into making it so secure. Have you donated yet?

Comment Re:I am not sure where is the privacy problem here (Score 4, Insightful) 359

The Id card as proposed by the UK government is not a simple reference document, but it allows connection with any means of electronic media, including computer databases, of course. This opens a huge can of worms: forming a resistance movement against an authoritative power will become very difficult, or even impossible.

Here is an example: suppose that you are interested in the preservation of the environment and the climate change; you don't want to sit on your couch all day, and the next G7 climate change meeting is not far from your country. You take a holiday, and then riding the first plane to the city where the climate change meeting takes place, you participate in the rallies against G7 policies regarding the climate. Sooner or later, you are part of a street battle with the local police that wants you not to rally at all. They arrest you, they get your picture and send it to the London's police department along your ID card data. They open a record for you in the UK criminal database as a possible "environmental terrorist".

You then return home, only to find that you have been fired. Although it hurts your feelings, you try another job. But without luck...employee after employee connect to the UK's criminal database using your Id card only to find out that you are a "terrorist". You are essentially finished...

Comment Re:Didn't Japan just come out ... (Score 1) 550

This is why the Japanese have been stuck in a recession since 1990. They like to buy all these shiny-new gadgets, even if they make no sense economically.

The reason why Japan has been in a recession is because Japanese are unproductive workers. It sounds crazy, but it's true:,9171,395413,00.html

Comment Re:Nothing to do with preserving jobs, then? (Score 1) 144

Now what happens the day google makes a deal to get access to those databases?

Lets be real, no one's using 360 Search because it's better than a google search, it just has access to databases hidden behind paid subscriptions. And for searching individual databases, our university has access to about 50 of them. I don't care how they're segmented; that many search boxes is just plain absurd. And what's worse is the people who should be figuring out this is a non-sustainable model, the Librarians, instead look at that number like they're collecting pokemon. They just keep trashing on google, rather than noticing search engine companies have long surpassed them in ability and are currently making significant strides in access to content.

I realize our jobs are partially dependent that artificial barrier between google and the academic databases (I do IT work for a library), but for the greater good, I can't wait for that day to happen.

Comment Re:Why is this a surprise? (Score 1) 442

Your software-marketing juxtaposition fails IMO: you need to coordinate marketing just like you have to coordinate programming. Your overly simplistic view of marketing is hindering your reasoning.

If all of your 'number of suit-monkeys' decide to go to the same magazine, all carrying their own design for the ad, ideas about the target-audience, numbers of the part of the advertising budget that goes to this magazine, you're going have a very ineffective marketing campaign. Just like when you release a can of programmers uncoordinated and they all decide to work on the game-play logics e.g.

I know marketing folks aren't very popular with techies, but they fullfill a necessary role, like it or not.

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