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First Person Shooters (Games)

Re-Examining the Immersion Factor For First-Person Shooters 130

An opinion piece on Gamasutra looks into the common perception that a first-person view provides a much more immersive experience in shooters. The author argues that this concept needs to be reconsidered, as immersion nowadays is more dependent on what you see, rather than how you see it. The question is further complicated by ever-improving technology and new control schemes. "It's important to realize that making a first-person game almost necessarily means making a game for the dedicated gamer. Innovations on the interface side could help lower the casual block, perhaps through the Wii, Project Natal, or the PS3's new motion controller. Regardless, it will take a lot of work and concerted effort to penetrate the casual audience with a first-person camera. The question is whether we even need to, when there are so many camera systems that games have yet to fully explore."

Comment Re:Finally useful... (Score 1) 163

cool did not know you could do that I will have to keep that in mind ;), The reason I bought a Wii branded keyboard is because I collect Nintendo Items of any and all kinds if it weren't for that I would most defiantly follow your advice but I can pass it on to friends of mine who may not know that.


Comment Re:Finally useful... (Score 1) 163

Well I use it for reading Slashdot :), and checking my Emails in between games and the homebrew channel but that is about it mostly play Wii games and Atari 2600 and 7800 games on it Via Razors Emulators.

other than that not a hell of a lot, but if you can buy the Wii keyboard it makes it a lot easier to surf the web, I got mine for 15.00 at game stop because it did not have a box or manual but it works great.


Comment Re:Let's not over-react. (Score 1) 853

well they can't just turn it off now but later they can amend the bill to give that power and you know what ?, the country will once they have become "used to it" call me paranoid now but it will come.

It's like watching an episode of Family Guy, hey here is an idea lets elect Adam West to the presidency !, yeah no that is a great fucking Idea !.


Comment sounds like... (Score 1) 177

They have finally decided to use the console's hardware to until they find it's absolute limits, I mean they usually kill of game consoles before the console really is used to it's max potential. so for once some one is thinking smart build better software instead of a console and it is a tad cheaper than hardware R&D.


Comment what they should do is this (Score 1) 279

I think that all OS's should be freely given by the company and then the user pays for support they would see a huge increase in thier user base that way.
Also companies would still need to pay MS a fee as usual for digital signing and such for drivers so MS would still be making money and could continue as usual.

But that is just my take on it, I maybe seeing it in an entirely unrealistic way that makes no sense to anyone but me.


Comment Re:Oldest Working? (Score 1) 622

My oldest working computer(s) are:

1. Color Computer 3 with cart modem
2. Commodore 128D with 300 BPS modem
3. Atari 800XL 300 BPS modem

Have not used them in years but if I could afford it I would log in to some of the BBS's I have seen listed in California by users there that like the nostalgia factor.


Comment Re:I stopped reading... (Score 1) 682

Well if you wanted all of the Proprietary stuff you cold have gone with Linux Mint, since it is Ubuntu based (basicly, they changed the name color scheme and add some new stuff of their own) and upon install has everything you want already to go.

or you could have installed Super Ubuntu again the same as Linux Mint all proprietary stuff in there from the get go.


Comment I can sort of see (Score 0) 562

His point on the one hand you have honest customers on the other you have large groups of crackers who do steal their stuff.

For example all of those playstation 1,2,3 and PSP roms floating around torrent sites,usenet and such yeah I know fair use allows the user to make a backup for personal use.

But far to often this is used by cracking and pirate groups to say "I am allowed a back up man !" all the while they are uploading Terabytes of stolen data to the web in the form of torrents and some of them have torrent sites you that you have to pay to become a member of.

this is complete and total theft of IP and you can argue it anyway you want to it is still stealing.

Now on the other Hand becuase of these Jack asses you have people getting more insane amounts of hoops to jump through just to play a CD or Movie that they paid money for !. Lets not forget the persons responsible for this.

yes, I am talking about the Pirates and crackers as well as any group that actively engages in blatent theft they are why these insane laws exist although far too often I hear people say "they are taking away our freedom of making a backup !"

I agree with that but at the same time they have investors,share holders, artists, musicians and the list goes on and all of those people have a family to feed and care for just like you.

also I agree with the fact that they and other companies should respect the uses right to transfer legally purchased software to another user with all rights intact for the person who paid you for it.

But this is not going to happen at all anymore because of the as mentioned before huge groups of pirates and crackers cashing in on their hard work yeah I know what your going to say "but they charge more than it is worth man" well when you figure a company hires professional artists and musicians as well as programmers they have to pay for that ya know and these people do not come cheap ! if you want the best you pay for it !.

and in so doing Sony has to charge enough money that they can make a profit for themselves as well pay their employees it is as simple as that.

well I am going to stop here before I am flamed in to oblivion for trying to see both sides of the coin.


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