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Submission + - Where did all the spam go?

SillyNickName4me writes: "Since friday (november 10th) evening at around 10:30pm (UTC), I have been noticing a very dramatic drop in spam related smtp activity. Where my private smtp server used to get some tens to hundreds of spam related smtp connects/minute, at the moment it is averaging on less then 6/hour. I haven't got numbers from other mail servers that I maintain yet, but simply looking at the size of logfiles on those servers indicates the same thing, and on one of the bigger servers I maintain, I used to see over 10000 delivery attempts/hour, while right now there is less then 2 attempts/minute.

A live view on an MTA (inbound MX) log that doesn't produce tens of lines of output/minute is something I simply have not seen in years now (other then by smtp not working, but that is not the case here, all the (non spam) mail I expect is still comming through without trouble)

Of course I am not complaining, but I'm rather curious as to what is causing this, I can not imagine the spammers just gave up all of a sudden, so I suspect it is only a temporary dip..

Is anyone else noticing the same? Anyone have an explanation?"

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