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Comment Re:Indie $ vs big name $ (Score 2, Insightful) 120

IAdvertising is incredibly expensive, so much so that only big companies can afford to do it

Why pay for advertising when you can get your game on slashdot and watch the hits come rolling in? He's certainly going to get some sales out of it which is not bad for a game that's a couple of years old and arguably vastly overpriced.


Submission + - Girls of Engineering Calendar Released

An anonymous reader writes: According to the Chicago Sun-Times, "The women in the "Girls of Engineering" calendar were accepted to the Downstate campus' nationally ranked engineering program, where students on average scored a 31 on the ACT college entrance exam and graduated in the top 12 percent of their high school classes. " This calendar has upset some people in the engineering community because they find it offensive. Does the slashdot community find a calendar with girls in engineering offensive?

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