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Comment How do you respond to Tyler Cowen? (Score 1) 768

See him here, here and here.

In short: Although Bitcoin may have some admirable features as a medium of exchange, why do you suppose that it can represent a popularly desirable store of value when there are so many other excellent alternatives?

Note that a successful currency requires both features. Absent a reason to store value in bitcoins, people will keep their stock of wealth in other assets and then exchange them into bitcoins only when they need to engage in a transaction. But in that case, the real value of a bitcoin will be approximately zero; it will be slightly positive if the market deems its virtues as a medium of exchange to exceed those of other currencies, but beyond that, it will be zero.

Submission + - American Airlines tests streaming in-flight movies ( 1

wolog writes: "American began testing a wifi in-flight entertainment system last month on two wide-body jets and will expand the testing among customers this summer. If all goes well, American said, it will be the first domestic (US) airline to provide streaming service on all Wi-Fi-enabled planes, starting this fall. Of course, the airline industry offers in-flight entertainment not solely to keep passengers amused but also to generate revenue."

I'm wondering if some people here have already used this wifi streaming system, and get some feedback.. I'm curious how such system work in real life. Having 250+ wifi client connected inside a long metallic cylinder and doing some video streaming seems a really big challenge..

Comment It's for smart phones as your primary computer (Score 4, Insightful) 336

Okay, so it doesn't apply to anybody on /., but for plenty of people, the idea of carrying their primary computing platform in their pocket is awesome. All they need is the ability for it to play nicely with a wireless keyboard/mouse and their big-ass TV, and they've suddenly got a home computer, with all their data stored up in the cloud.

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