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Comment Re:Bill Gates (Score 1) 337

Agreed. Look at Microsoft today .. In south coast plaza they opened a Microsoft store, Not only was this a Blaine copy of the apple store it was just stupid, The also laid out the store with the same furniture that the apple store uses. My GOD Microsoft cannot do anything on there own they should be renamed to Micro-Thief..

Comment ALso (Score 1) 314

Blame everything .. because we can . lol Skills drop due to people not focused on the classes, LOL what classes we had no classes .. *** DONT NEED NO STINKIN CLASSES My view as of the WHY: ( not shared by all but hey who knew ) Piracy or sharing of the software was the key .. now you get introuble for sharing software .. well i know if microsoft was not shared it be where it is today, lol , software they would not have been able to learn in the first place, see microsoft was not global but with the scene they where and this would hit the selected few that have the so called skills, that create that next level of programming and so on was. But today no one can share without some sort of price. which kills the industry. Seems a bit out there but hey .. i see it this way because i am damn old now. Some of the best cracks and patches came from afar games so on, but not thru the so called legal channels like today. sad huh. Your world now we just live in it. Connected 9600bps .... Welcome to the ...... Click ... disconnected ...

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