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Comment Re:Misleading title on original article (Score 1) 55

Actually you got it wrong. The author was not contacted by someone "trying" to operate a link-trading scheme, but rather by someone with whom the author already engaged with (he admittedly used some infographics from that site).

This is basically someone revolted that somebody else is making money on the internet.

Submission + - The most detailed images of Uranus' atmosphere ever

monkeyhybrid writes: The Planetary Society's Emily Lakdawalla reports on the most detailed images of Uranus ever taken. The infrared sensitivity of the ground based Keck II telescope's NIRC2 instrument enabled astronomers to see below the high level methane based atmosphere that has hampered previous observations, and with unprecedented clarity. If you ever thought Uranus was a dull blue looking sphere then look again; you could easily mistake these images for being of Jupiter!
The Military

Submission + - US military gets into the 3D printing business (

geegel writes: AN ISOLATED military outpost in the middle of hostile territory is a bad place for your equipment to break down. Replacement parts and fuel either have to be air-dropped or driven through dangerous territory. So the US military plans to make remote operating bases and camps self-sufficient, able to generate their own energy and even print their own gadgets.

Comment Re:Ice Tea... (Score 1) 370

The subject is always hotly debated and my impression is that some interest groups are trying to keep it that way (something similar to creationism vs evolution). The fact that the OP could name the two top "alternative" explanations for global warming and still put them forward as reasonable speaks to me of ill intent, because they are frankly bullshit.

There is no controversy. Anthropogenic global warming is real. The crushing majority of climatologists and the data point to that conclusion.

Comment Re:Ice Tea... (Score 2) 370

Humanity is the really big thing that happened last century.

We went from 1.6 billion people to 6, we altered the environment on an unseen before scale, we began mass producing and dumping waste at a pace that couldn't have possibly be without consequence.

Referring strictly to CO2, the levels we have now haven't been seen in at least 650.000 years and that's without considering other gases which are mostly man made (they occur rarely or not at all in nature).

Ignorance is not an excuse. The alternative explanations you mention have been thoroughly debunked.

What the heck has Slashdot turned into?


Submission + - Throwable 36-camera ball takes perfect panoramas (

MrSeb writes: "Jonas Pfeil, a student from the Technical University of Berlin has created a rugged, grapefruit-sized ball that has 36 fixed-focus, 2-megapixel digital camera sensors built in. The user simply throws the ball into the air and photos are simultaneously taken with all 36 cameras to create a full, spherical (360-degree?) panorama of the surrounding scene. The ball itself is made with a 3D printer, and the innards (which includes 36 STM VS6724 CMOS camera sensors, an accelerometer, and two microcontrollers to control the cameras) are adequately padded, so presumably it doesn’t matter if you suck at throwing and catching. You can see from the video below that the ball is too big (but not too heavy) for single-handed use — but considering this is the work of a master’s degree student, it’s safe to assume that the same hardware could be miniaturized into something like a tennis ball — at which point, this ball would probably revolutionize holiday snapshots, wedding photos, and more."

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