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Submission + - Secure Smartphone Developed (

Shooter28 writes: From the source: Just more than a month before the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spanish handset maker Geeksphone, in partnership with encrypted communications firm Silent Circle, announced a smartphone that takes mobile security seriously. It's called Blackphone, and it runs PrivatOS, a security-focused version of Android.

This is supposed to a unlocked phone that can be used on any carrier and was developed with the help of the creator of PGP. Just how secure this actually is yet to be determined.

Role Playing (Games)

Submission + - What's in a Guild Name?

Shooter28 writes: I thought it might be fun to see what slashdot users thought were some great guild names, since me and some other friends are working on coming up with one right now. So I ask, what are some of the best guild names you've seen, and why?

Background: My last guild broke up while I was busy with work and life (I was the Guild Master, but stepped down), and some unaddressed issues ate away at the cohesion. Some of the old members miss the fun guild environment we had and want me to re-create the guild. We haven't decided on a name, so I'm turning to Slashdot for ideas. Previously we were a fun loving guild with a casual atmosphere, but managed to be second best guild horde side on the server. Our new guild is going to be a tight-knit 10 man guild, slowly building back up to 25 man raiding. We learned recruiting too quickly while clearing 25 man raids ends up filling your guild with people you don't want.
Operating Systems

Submission + - What are some good Linux distros?

Shooter28 writes: "I've been a Slashdot reader for sometime, but this is my first time posting. I used Unix in College 4 years ago, and I've recently left the military and have gotten back into the Software field. I'm currently looking for ideas on a Linux distro for home use. First I want to convert my laptop for general web use (using wireless internet) and some java programming. Later on I'd like to dual boot my windows desktop for general computing, and possibly gaming under wine. Eventually I want to teach myself some networking under Linux. All of the "best distro" lists I've found are outdated. I wanted to get the Slashdot communities feedback on the best distributions in terms of ease of install, learning curve, features, compatibility, and support. Thanks in advance for all of your help."

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