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Submission + - There's a huge energy scandal happening right underneath your feet (medium.com)

gallifreyan99 writes: Researchers from Duke revealed today that they had discovered nearly 5,900 gas leaks under the streets of Washington DC, including 12 that posed a serious risk of explosion. And it's not just Washington: a gas industry whistleblower who is part of the team showed this was happening in cities all over America. Why is that a big deal? Leaky pipes cause death, destruction —and the data means natural gas could actually be one of the worst fuels around.

Submission + - Web Development Frameworks

An anonymous reader writes: Web Development Frameworks such as Java Spring, Grails, Ruby on Rails, CakePhP, .NET, etc are constantly evolving and falling in and out of favor. What frameworks does the Slashdot community prefer and what frameworks or languages would you recommend a web application developer learn?

Submission + - Android details leak Nexus4 & 10, JellyBean4.2, Nexus73G (slashgear.com)

SternisheFan writes: "Google’s Oct 29 Android details leak: LG Nexus 4, Jelly Bean v4.2, Nexus 7 3G & Nexus 10 Posted by Chris Davies on October 22, 2012. Highlights of Google’s incoming October 29 event, including both a new Android phone and a tablet, have leaked ahead of time, with an updated version of Android itself also expected to debut. The line-up has been previewed in an internal video, a source tells The Next Web, including the LG Nexus 4 seen in various leaks over the past few weeks, and a 10-inch Samsung-made tablet with an iPad 3-besting screen resolution.
    The Nexus 4, based on LG’s Optimus G, will feature a 1.5GHz quadcore processor –Qualcomm’s APQ8064 Snapdragon, paired with 2GB of RAM –and have a 4.7-inch 1280 x 768 display, slightly larger than the 4.65-inch panel of the current Galaxy Nexus. However, while Samsung’s Nexus uses a Super AMOLED display, LG’s will almost certainly use LG’s LCD-based True HD IPS+ panel.
    That will turn Android 4.2 tablets into more communal devices ideal to be shared by a household of users, with each getting their own email and applications. It’s something that has long been requested from Android (and iOS for that matter) and which individual vendors, such as Barnes & Noble with the customized NOOK HD/HD+, had begun to cook up independently. Android 4.2 will also include an updated panorama mode in the camera, supporting horizontal and vertical panning, a feature that will likely look particularly good on the new Samsung tablet. That slate, which we’ve heard whispers of for some time now, is expected to use a 2560 x 1600 display, and is currently codenamed “Manta” though may well launch as the Nexus 10 so as to fit in with existing nomenclature. Finally, the video also confirms two new versions of the Nexus 7, including the well-leaked 32GB model, and version with 3G HSPA+ integrated for getting online on the move. It’s unclear at this stage whether Google will attempt to do anything special with data pricing for the 3G tablet."


Submission + - Climate change? There's an elephant in the room.

Morlenden writes: Whether or not climate change is caused by human activity, there are several other ecological problems caused by a increasing human population. A constant focus on climate change leaves these other problems un-addressed, perhaps leading to problems ahead where the carrying capacity of the Earth is reduced by ecological damage even while the human population continues to increase.

Depression May Provide Cognitive Advantages 512

Hugh Pickens writes "Paul W. Andrews and J. Anderson Thomson, Jr. argue in Scientific American that although depression is considered a mental disorder, depression may in fact be a mental adaptation which provides real benefits. This is not to say that depression is not a problem. Depressed people often have trouble performing everyday activities, they can't concentrate on their work, they tend to socially isolate themselves, they are lethargic, and they often lose the ability to take pleasure from such activities such as eating and sex. So what could be so useful about depression? 'Depressed people often think intensely about their problems,' write the authors. 'These thoughts are called ruminations; they are persistent and depressed people have difficulty thinking about anything else. Numerous studies have also shown that this thinking style is often highly analytical. They dwell on a complex problem, breaking it down into smaller components, which are considered one at a time.' Various studies have found that people in depressed mood states are better at solving social dilemmas and there is evidence that people who get more depressed while they are working on complex problems in an intelligence test tend to score higher on the test (PDF). 'When one considers all the evidence, depression seems less like a disorder where the brain is operating in a haphazard way, or malfunctioning. Instead, depression seems more like the vertebrate eye — an intricate, highly organized piece of machinery that performs a specific function.'"

Submission + - Astrophysicists find planet that should not exist (latimes.com)

SpuriousLogic writes: Scientists have discovered a planet that shouldn't exist. The finding, they say, could alter our understanding of orbital dynamics, a field considered pretty well settled since the time of astronomer Johannes Kepler 400 years ago. The planet is known as a "hot Jupiter," a gas giant orbiting the star Wasp-18, about 330 light years from Earth. The planet, Wasp-18b, is so close to the star that it completes a full orbit (its "year") in less than an Earth day, according to the research, which was published in the journal Nature. Of the more than 370 exoplanets — planets orbiting stars other than our sun — discovered so far, this is just the second with such a close orbit. The problem is that a planet that close should be consumed by its parent star in less than a million years, say the authors at Keele University in England. The star Wasp-18 is believed to be about a billion years old, and since stars and the planets around them are thought to form at the same time, Wasp-18b should have been reduced to cinders ages ago.

Submission + - China Jails Four for Microsoft XP Piracy (pcmag.com)

adeelarshad82 writes: Chinese court has jailed four people for spreading their bootleg "Tomato Garden" version of Microsoft's Windows XP program, in what the Xinhua news agency called the nation's biggest software piracy case. Off the four men Hong Lei, the creator of the downloadable "Tomato Garden Windows XP" software, was jailed for three and a half years by a court in Suzhou in eastern China, Xinhua.

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