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Comment Re:Won't be long now (Score 5, Insightful) 198

So, what's your proposal to drag Islam from the Middle Ages all the way to the 21st century?

Easy, here it is:

1. stop bombing the living shit out of them

2. stop invading random countries to pump their oil

3. stop assassinating local leaders we don't like

4. don't install puppet governments in place of assassinated leaders we didn't like.

Path to stability needs to be.... stable. I mean if you are out to bomb them then also please occupy, name them your colony and be responsible for what happens over the next few decades, rather than retreating and letting local warlords slug it off for dominance circa 1269.

Comment MS-Linux is guaranteed to be broken (Score 2) 189

And by "broken" I mean not compatible to itself, and MS will insist that theirs is the correct one and the original should be fed to the dogs. This is the sad story of every "open" product support by MS:
1. MS-Java was taken to court by Sun for not being compartible to Java. MS had to rename it to .Net
2. MS implementation of open document standard is never 100% compatible with open document readers.
3. IE is not HTML compatible to this day. I don't do web development but based on my research they struggle with IE peculiarities big time
4. MS Linux is guaranteed to break everything Linux, not just because of lack of diligence but due to MS custom APIs, enhancements and "improvements". We are only safe until MS distro becomes the leading one.

Comment Re:Consumer Reports Calls the S model out (Score 1) 179

By Tesla's own calculations, gas savings will net you slightly over $1000 per year. That's nowhere near to justify a $90K price tag, unless you are comparing to an $80K luxury SUV. On a flip side, Model X might make sense for commercial use, where it can easily hit the insane mileage you quoted within its lifetime.

Comment Unix developer - feedback on Windows (Score 1) 403

I work on Windows 7, and it has a never-ending list of issues that should not exist. I will probably go ahead and create a blog of windows woes, but here is a quick summary off the top of my head:
  1. - A file that is open somewhere cannot be touched. It does not matter if it has been months since it was last open, what matters if Windows *thinks* it is open.
  2. - Some simple filenames are illegal. You will find which ones when a client is using your program.
  3. - Command line and command line tools are unusable or not-existent. Better use Cygwin
  4. - Sometimes it does not let you touch a file that you created.
  5. - Sometimes you, an Administrator, do not have permission to change permissions.... on a file that you created.
  6. - Should you win the war on permissions, it will not let you touch your file because "the file is open". (see #1 above)

Were [any] of these resolved in Windows 10?

Comment Re:they should be teching real skills not outsourc (Score 1) 618

You can also offshore mathematicians, physicists, doctors... should they all be replaced with vocational school graduates? What happens when our vocational school graduates are replaced with offshore vocational school graduates, because those will be always cheaper?

Comment Re:Attachments? (Score 1) 238

If you don't like their decision, look for another manufacturer.

Yes, like a manufacturer who ships products with BEOS, who Microsoft threatened to squash by the power of monopoly. Oh wait, there are none left. These days you can buy a device that ships with Android and pony up only a nominal Microsoft tax. Plenty of options!

Comment Re:In other news... (Score 1, Troll) 119

Firefox turned against Firefox. It is slow borderline unusable for any pages that stream video or use scripting heavily. When Firefox's own ex-CEO decided to use Chromium for his new project it certifies that there are deep issues under the hood. I only keep it because of bookmarks, it will be purged from my new OS installs.

Comment This investment is going to be short-lived (Score 1) 116

I own a 3 year old Tmobile-branded Samsung Galaxy note 3. My experience: 1. Loaded with uninstallable bloatware. 2. Some hard keys (long press) are hijacked to invoke said bloatware by accident. 3. Did not root because no time and afraid to brick $1000 device. 4. No software updates in 3 years. 5. This year there was an OS update that broke GPS.
I don't want to upgrade but need GPS daily. So far it seems that Nexus is the only way to go.

Comment No jobs for C (Score 4, Informative) 315

I spent some time looking for a position that required C a while back. Nobody hires for C anymore. Even shops that actually use C are too ashamed to admit it and advertise their positions as C++. So, looking at TFA:

We measured the demand for different programming languages on the CareerBuilder job site....Because some of the languages we track could be ambiguous in plain text—such as D, Go, J, Processing, and R—we use strict matching of the form “X programming” for these languages.

So off to CareerBuilder and i typed in "C programming", with quotes. Result: electrical engineering positions, other non-developer positions and false-positives. Conclusion: C is used but seldom by developers.

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