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Comment No jobs for C (Score 4, Informative) 307

I spent some time looking for a position that required C a while back. Nobody hires for C anymore. Even shops that actually use C are too ashamed to admit it and advertise their positions as C++. So, looking at TFA:

We measured the demand for different programming languages on the CareerBuilder job site....Because some of the languages we track could be ambiguous in plain text—such as D, Go, J, Processing, and R—we use strict matching of the form “X programming” for these languages.

So off to CareerBuilder and i typed in "C programming", with quotes. Result: electrical engineering positions, other non-developer positions and false-positives. Conclusion: C is used but seldom by developers.

Comment Re:I call BFD here (Score 1) 600

Well if the truck was making a left turn from the right lane on a 60 (seventy~sh) mph road then a) he would not see cars coming as they would be coming too fast b) a human driver would probably not be able to stop in time either. Of course we expect robotic driver to be perfect but that was a deadly sutuation by human standards.
I once was making a left turn on a 30 mph road, when a car screeched past me sudeways at 70 mph in the incoming lane. I could not see him coming fron around the road bend. Morale: don't do 70 in 30, don't make wild turns in 70, and don't do drugs.

Comment Re:Shitty refund policy (Score 1) 129

This is exactly what I said, there was no need for drastic measures such as "completely disagree". However, used car dealers are still major player on the market and as such indirectly affect the prices set by private parties. For example, you cannot sell a car on Craigslist for more than asked by the dealer around the corner, because the dealer also provides a 2 month warranty, etc. As such the dealers indirectly steer the prices set on Craigslist.

Comment Re:and for those who didn't sign up? (Score 1) 114

tell them even more about who I am

Why, no, you can use it to tell them who you want to become. E.g. I am going to update them that I am on the market for a multi-million racing yacht. I only want to see adverts about racing yachts. Who knows, maybe after enough ad brainwashing I might just buy one :)

Comment Re:dealer miles; test drive miles (Score 1) 129

Because the dealer does this to relocate your car, so you have to trust him like you would trust a valet. A private party reselling a car after only a year probably drove into a lake on it. If a significant share of buyers were sceptical of auto dealers then the dealers would never ever drive them, at the additional cost of having a truck shuttle new cars around.

Comment Re:Shitty refund policy (Score 1) 129

A car looses 25% off resale price as soon as it drives off the lot. I agree that this is a standard heavily influenced by the old industry that demanded a fat dealer markup, but with advent of private selling websites the industry has less and less say in setting resale prices. The real reasons are as follows:
  • It is natural for people to want something shrink-wrapped from the factory
  • Did the previous owner change oil? Did he redline the engine? Submerged the car in water?
  • Is the car being sold before its time is up because something is wrong with it?

Buying a used car carries risk and people like being compensated for taking risk. If your friend/coworker is selling a car because of death/divorce/relocation then your risk would be lower yet still little incentive to pay above market price.

Comment Re:Computer cannot make that decision (Score 1) 451

So you don't see the highway ambush sutuation that I outlined above as probable. This kind of crime is not only rampant in the third world countries, but pretty common in the US of A as well. Also you use the word "pedestrians" and "passengers" interchangeably, as if they were the same thing. It is possible that you never seen pedestrians, but in the cities there is quite a few of us.

Comment Computer cannot make that decision (Score 1) 451

Let me start off by saying that I don't value my life above others. If my car is flying towards unsuspecting pedestrians and the only other option is to go off a cliff -- I will go off the cliff. On the other hand, if the highway is ambushed by a pack bandits who calculated that my car's AI will opt to kill the driver, then it is their turn to go off the cliff. This decision simply cannot be made by a computer, ever.

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