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Submission + - ADA to force Netflix to provid closed captioning on content ( 2

Shivetya writes: A judge has decided that the American Disabilities Act requires services like Netflix to provide Closed Captioning support for any video it streams on its website. The easiest means to comply would be to remove all videos which do not have a closed captioning component, the other route would require Netflix to pay to have this done to any video it wants to provide. The implications to other provides is immense as well.

Submission + - Tesla motors announces prices for their upcomng Mo (

Shivetya writes: They aren't cheap and the prices are listed assuming the $7500 tax credit. A 160 mile range S will set you back $49,900, the 230 mile is at $59,000, and the 300 mile range S will cost $69,000. Battery sizes are 40,60, and 85kwh respectively. For your money these cars also include a very large seventeen inch touchscreen. Is this the electric car you've been waiting for or another rich person's toy?

Submission + - Scan your license to pump gas? (

Shivetya writes: "A gas station in Michigan has come up with an innovated way to allow drivers to pump gas first and pay afterward while at the same time attempting to prevent drive offs. Now drivers can scan their license to pump the gas before paying. The license information is never seen by the store unless the event is flagged as a drive off. Good idea or bad?"

Submission + - SPAM: Obama admistration wants power to indefinitely det

Shivetya writes: Apparently there is a struggle over a defense appropriations bill, one section contains language allowing for the indefinite detention of people associated with terrorist. While one Democratic Senator moved to strike the language from the bill that was defeated, according to Senator Carl Levin it was the Administration which had the language excluding American citizens removed from the bill.
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Hardware Hacking

Submission + - Great Automotive application of Linux

Shivetya writes: "Ever wanted to know whats going on in your car beyond what the automaker lets you see through the dashboard indicators and idiot lights? Well there is a new option, DashDAQ, which hooks into your cars diagnostic connectors and reveals information about your cars performance in real-time. It is Linux drive with some sites claiming it is open-source, though I can't find that actual quote on the product page, and allows for attaching of Linux based GPS units as well. Looks really sharp and it recently took home nine awards at SEMA. Get a jump on the story at Autoblog and see the product page at"

Submission + - A vaccine to prevent every strain of flu?

Shivetya writes: British scientists may have come up with a vaccine that can prevent every type of Influenza A by concentrating on a protien known as M2. This protein has hardly changed within the last 100 years and has been found in the current bird flu and the virus that caused the 1918 Spanish flu. The story, lth/healthmain.html?in_article_id=425227&in_page_i d=1774 , also reports a Swiss group doing similar research. Combine this story and recent ones on Slashdot concerning diabetes, 6/218236 , perhaps this decade will see to the end of some of the worlds most vexing health problems?

Submission + - Vehicle mileage ratings get real.

Shivetya writes: The federal Environmental Protection Agency announced a new system for determining the fuel economy of many cars and trucks. Hardest hit will be hybrids as all electric driving is not considered. At the same time many medium duty vehicles will get rated, but not have to be published until 2011 This move to more realistic ratings will severly reduce the high numbers some cars have posted. The story was originally from the LA times but can be found here m

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