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Comment LOL. Weathertologist (Score 2) 684

Just like a religion, you can claim all you want and dispense with all dissent with a wave of a hand. The sad part is, we have had worse weather patterns before and we will have varied and unpredictable weather patterns in the future.

Guess what, it has always been this way. The idea you can suddenly declare THIS is more relevant than THAT or whatnot is just silly. Yet every exceptional weather issue suddenly is proof positive of your belief. Whats next, finding pictures of Al Gore on bread?

Do you realize how silly you come off with your "IN FACT" declaration. Its not fact, its theory and the one thing about weather we all know is, we cannot tell you whats going to happen one month to the next. If we could then someone should have known this was coming way off but guess what they did not.

I would love to see the model which shows no hurricanes smacking the US, record low tornado activity, followed with one week of exceptional cold. There won't be one, but it certainly won't stop the fanatics from declaring it.

Hell, over a hundred years ago we had sixty foot drifts in New York, can you imagine the insanity that would cause today?

Comment Not all show trials go the way the media (Score 5, Insightful) 1737

or officials want. Juries tend to see through the attempts to impose social justice over legal justice. This trial became a farce when the prosecution was allowed to change their charge on the fly, worse they almost got totally into silly land on trying to change up the charges.

Now comes the fun part, will the Feds get involved directly and attempt a hate crime charge?

Zimmerman was an over reactive wanna be cop that created a situation that got out of his control. Frankly if Tray had survived I would have expected him to use the same defense. Still witnesses and crime scene evidence were not in favor of the prosecution and the local sheriff was right in not trying to field a case that could not be one.

We the people won, both Zimmerman and Martin lost. We won because the law was upheld. Martin paid the ultimate price and Zimmerman will pay the rest of his.

The tragedy beyond this one death is the number of people who died and their cases will never be given the same attention.

Comment The farmer KNEW what he was doing. (Score 2) 579

He was trying to use patent law to void a contract. The ruling clearly states he would not found himself in trouble if he was using the seeds for his own use, but instead he bought seeds counting on the fact that some would have the anti-Round up gene.

Read the NYT article

Comment Very disappointed in Slashdot (Score 1) 915

that such a hate filled post is rated as high. It is an irrational venomous posting and nothing more that contributes nothing to the conversation.

While you may not like the Church or its elected leaders they exert a large influence good and bad throughout the world and acknowledging changes in their structure are worthy our time. Through the actions of Popes and the structures within the Church many leading scientist look for both spiritual guidance and in some cases cover in the form of acceptance of what their life's work entails.

Yes they have bad people in the Church, guess what there are people who think a similar problem but on a much larger scale exists within the public school systems, it is no reason for your hate filled diatribe.

Comment x-ray, duh (Score 0) 155

virtual or not.....

or straight out of Dilbert, imagining being able to shoot torpedoes and such at people annoying you....

on a more serious side, if they had the ability to track multiple moving objects you could have all sorts of uses.. even for the blind by simply outing audio. They would be less obtrusive than a dog

Comment There will always be a physological need (Score 2) 622

for manned aircraft but realistically we don't need fighter or bomber pilots once we can prove that they can not be taken over by an enemy and that they could operate autonomously when conditions warrant

its no different than convincing the Navy that carriers will be if not already obsolete for most missions. Changing how people feel about something takes longer to catch up to technology than it takes for technology to advance.

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