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Comment Not a shock, but a sad day nonetheless (Score 1) 118

CyanogenMod only had one notable OEM win: OnePlus. And then they left the fold to do their own OS. So it's not surprising that Cyanogen has concluded that there isn't any business there. But it's bad news for people with older phones that aren't getting updates from their makers.

Comment Re:About time! (Score 1) 171

There are already hybrid buses on the road. They employ regenerative braking, engine shutoff at stops, and electric assist on acceleration so the engine doesn't have to work as hard and can avoid inefficient operating conditions. Reports on efficiency vary, but some have claimed fuel savings of 33% or more.

Full electric buses are also available but not many are currently in use by transit systems. As costs come down and range improves they are likely to become more popular, especially on inner city bus routes where the bus stops and starts frequently and the distance traveled is small.

Comment Re:this is stupid (Score 1) 136

The tests aren't perfect but they are certainly good enough to help make buying decisions. In the real world, a car that is rated at 21 mpg might or might not actually be more efficient than a car rated at 20 mpg. But you can be certain that a car rated at 30 mpg will beat both of them, and a car rated at 40 mpg will be better still.

Comment Re:this is stupid (Score 1) 136

Engaging the cruise control helped. Keeping the speed of the car as steady as possible helps fuel mileage; micro-variations hurt efficiency. (Letting speed drop smoothly on uphill stretches is even better for economy but tends to ruin the flow of traffic.) The computer is better at maintaining a steady throttle than most humans are.

Comment Re:Idea!!! (Score 1) 136

The problem is that there are multiple classes of vehicle for the CAFE standards. What we should be doing is having ONE pool of all the consumer vehicles that a company makes and requiring them to meet a standard. If that requires the company to change its mix of vehicles, and make fewer SUVs and more small cars, so be it. And if they have to cut the price of the small cars and raise the price of the SUVs to get the demand in alignment with the supply, even better.

I would put work vehicles (ones that are actually used by businesses for hauling, getting to job sites, etc) in a separate pool with different standards. Some vehicles are sold to both groups; those would be assigned in proportion to how they are registered. (Say, if half of all the F-150s sold have commercial plates, half would go in the business CAFE pool and half would go in the consumer pool.

Comment Re:When will VideoCards peak? (Score 1) 88

Analog video output would only help if there were also a return to analog video display devices. I don't see CRTs or any other analog display device returning in the foreseeable future. Digital output is better for controlling displays that are inherently digital, such as LCD and OLED panels and DLP projectors.

Comment Re: Confused (Score 1) 141

The Surface 3 isn't a bad piece of hardware; it's a bit underpowered but certainly usable. The two previous versions of the Surface were a bad idea. The appeal of a Windows tablet has always been the ability to run the installed base of software, which you can't do with a tablet with an ARM processor. Surface 3 is overdue for an update but it's not clear that it will ever get one; Microsoft may choose to turn over that price point to OEMs and concentrate on higher-priced devices.

Comment Re:Amazon too big for its own good (Score 1) 129

For the most part, items where two day shipping is not available are things that cannot be shipped by air. Those include liquids above a certain size, any type of aerosol, and large lithium ion batteries. (An example is the 20,000 mAh USB charger pack they offered as a pre-Prime Day deal. But I actually got that in two days anyway even though they only promised five.) There are also some large heavy items where the cost of fast shipping would be prohibitive.

Comment Re:readers don't realize media are shills? (Score 1) 129

Publications like PC World and CNet are a mix of shill and useful information. It has been thus since trade publications were invented.

Sometimes the shill even contains useful information, as it did with Prime Day for many people. After all, the purpose of reading those publications is for advice on what to buy. The advertising and advertorials can help with buying decisions just as much as the supposedly neutral content. You just have to read them knowing that some of the content is supported.

Comment Re:Amazon has a good thing going (Score 1) 129

Like all sales, there were some good deals and some bad ones. Good deals included most of Amazon's own devices (there were special prices for multiple tablets, the Paperwhite e-reader, the Fire Stick, and the Echo; Echo Tap was offered as a pre-Prime Day deal) and the TV sets. They offered 30% off a variety of luggage, also a good deal if you were in the market for it. And there were good prices on some videos and computer games.

Some of the worst deals were on computers. They quoted huge discounts off a fictitious list price, while selling them for only slightly below the current market price.

The price on the drone was good, but it's also an example of the ultimate impulse buy. Most people will get it, play with it for a couple of hours, and put it back on the shelf. Kind of hard to justify even the modest price. I own a drone, but I won it at a trade show for visiting somebody's booth; I wouldn't have spent money on it.

And then there is the peculiar fact that they were bribing people to try out their Dash Buttons. The price was cut to 99 cents but you still get the $4.99 credit the first time you use it.

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