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Submission + - Is this the worst ever Christmas for gadgets?

An anonymous reader writes: CNET says this will be the most dissapointing Christmas ever for gadget-lovers. The Playstation 3 is delayed across most of the world, the Zune MP3 player is cancelled for everyone outside the US, Vista won't be out for home users before the big day, and even Final Fantasy XII won't reach Europe in time. From the article: "It's enough to make you slit your wrists with the shards of a smashed Christmas tree bauble... Santa fails to deliver on almost all of his Yuletide promises. Most of the major technologies that were supposed to be ready for purchase have been delayed until next year." The writer goes on to suggest phrases to use over Christmas dinner when the offending companies products are mentioned. To reduce the pain of a Zune-less party, he suggests remarking: "Imagine the stability and usability of Windows migrated to an MP3 player. In short, imagine a small portable version of Hell."
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Journal Journal: Tool last night. kicked ass.

Just amazing as always, that doesn't do the concert justice but my brains are to scrambled right now to put words to it.

The highlight for me was either The Pot, Jambi or Wings for Marie Pt. 2.

Jambi was definitely the loudest part of the show, that song is what plays in my head when I'm playing D&D and a character gets into a big battle, they should play shit like that for troops going into battle, they'd never lose.

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Journal Journal: Sold the Jaguar.

I should have the check that pays what I owe on it some time next week.

I am ok with being patient considering my mother decided to buy the X-Type from me.

It'll be nice to have several hundred dollars freed up a month.


Journal Journal: Ask the dot.. 1

Here's a new one.

I've been put on a project to replace our slowly crumbling virtual mail system.

We are looking to migrate a massive amount of users 20,000-30,000 plus something like seven thousand domain names.

Oh and the system needs to be scaleable, so in two years it needs to be able to handle double the amount of users and such.

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Journal Journal: I hate hold music. 3

I hate it even more when its music that isn't really music.

It sounds like the watered down souless version of music.

Its made up of instrumental noises but there is virtually no variation in the sounds.


If I don't get a response in another few minutes I'm hanging up and trying again later.


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Journal Journal: Sometimes working sucks.

Especially when friends call to find out where you are and what your doing because they are going out.

My response to a call 15 minutes ago?

"yeah.. Uh I'm working... Till 10."

I don't have to be at work till 11am tomorrow, trouble is they're already going to be who knows where and I'm not a huge fan of leaving my car wherever they end up at.

I even get to work tomorrow and monday. Yay!

At least I make crazy overtime on monday, and I will be out at 3pm.

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Journal Journal: Why am I awake?

Sipping my coffee and wondering why I'm awake before 7am.

Oh wait that's right, I'm endevouring to avoid buying so much food away from home.

So I'm up, I'll be making an omlet and toast most likely in about twenty minutes.

Bleh. I still don't like 6:30am. (6:42 at this very moment)

This wouldn't work if I had to be in at 7am, there's no way I'd get up at like 4:30.

Morning, welcome to monday!

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Journal Journal: **No Title**

It's amazing to me how oblivious people can be sometimes, we get caught up in our own lives and completely overlook situations that are going on with people we care about.

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Journal Journal: Urgh.. 2

Two people per shift on the weekend: Fine.

Two people per shift on a Monday morning: Not fine.

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Journal Journal: Damnit. 7

Why is it that we always want what we can't have?

Yes this refers to a woman.


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Journal Journal: La la la, I love clusterfucks, La la la. 4

The title pretty much says it all.

That's how today is starting to look. more work than I can finish more than likely.
at least one os reinstall.

anyone ever install MSSQL 2005? How different is it compared to SQL 2000?

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