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Comment Re:This will come back to bite them (Score 0) 181

Agreed, as popular/populist as it is to say CEOs don't do anything, that's not true. It may be true of bad CEOs, but that is also true of bad engineers, bad bus boys, bad anything. A good CEO is always on duty and earns his pay if he guides his company to long term success. There have been a few examples of these types over the years, and they are worth every penny.
I would guess that this company will reinvent the CEO because they don't understand it. They'll have some personality on the board or in their management that emerges to keep the rest of them rowing in the same direction, or they'll just row in circles.

Comment Re:Read the article (Score 2) 90

Fortunately their ticketing (Jira) and documentation (Confluence) products are good for actual work as well. I've used them in the past in a network engineering role, and I use confluence now in an equipment support role. Confluence is what Sharepoint would be like if the Sharepoint developers had ever used Wikipedia and Sharepoint also wasn't garbage.

Comment Re:TR-069 targeted (Score 2) 27

As someone who has worked with TR-069 from the carrier/vendor side, that doesn't surprise me at all. There are some provisions for security in the TR-069 protocol, but they're not taken as seriously or implemented as rigorously as they should be. I think this is inevitable when it's done over a public interface. A better solution is to give the router two WAN interfaces on two different VLANs, one public for Internet service and one private for SNMP, TR-069, et cetera.

Comment Re: Own It (Score 1) 1321

Maybe, but an incompetent buffoon vs. a competent corrupt politician is still an easy choice. On one hand we can watch Trump fail to build a wall on the Mexican border, or we can watch Clinton succeed in selling influence and political favor for the better part of a decade. For the record I voted for neither. Voting is too important not to vote for someone you actually want.

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