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How To Play HD Video On a Netbook 205

Barence writes with some news to interest those with netbooks running Windows: "Netbooks aren't famed for their high-definition video playing prowess, but if you've got about $10 and a few minutes going spare, there is a way to enjoy high-definition trailers and videos on your Atom-powered portable. You need three things: a copy of Media Player Classic Home Cinema, CoreCodec's CoreAVC codec, and some HD videos encoded in AVC or h.264 formats. This blog takes you through the process."

Using Infrared Cameras To Find Tastiness of Beef 108

JoshuaInNippon writes "Might we one day be able to use our cell phone cameras to pick out the best piece of meat on display at the market? Some Japanese researchers seem to hope so. A team of scientists is using infrared camera technology to try and determine the tastiest slices of high-grade Japanese beef. The researchers believe that the levels of Oleic acid found within the beef strongly affect the beef's tenderness, smell, and overall taste. The infrared camera can be tuned to pick out the Oleic acid levels through a whole slab, a process that would be impossible to do with the human eye. While the accuracy is still relatively low — a taste test this month resulted in only 60% of participants preferring beef that was believed to have had a higher level of Oleic acid — the researchers hope to fine tune the process for market testing by next year."

Comment Re:Irresponsible headline, summary (Score 3, Informative) 911

Another factor to take into consideration is that not all airline pilots are experienced. I don't like to dichotomize (like the poor summary of the article, dammit KDawson) but a pilot's first storm could bring hardening experience or crushing defeat.

58-year-old flight captain Marc Dubois, who joined Air France in 1988, had approximately 11,000 flight hours, with 1,700 hours on an Airbus A330

It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - How to be a Gentleman

Deltaspectre writes: "Lifehacker has an article on how to be a gentleman. Now, is being a chivalrous gentleman an artifact from a bygone era or is it still practiced today? Perhaps we all could learn something from this article (Slashdotters especially.)."

Submission + - Vista: The Honeymoon is Over

BillGatesLoveChild writes: The Sydney Morning Herald reports the Vista backlash has begun, and is spreading to the popular press: "Utterly unimaginative, internally discordant and woefully out of tune".

You have to hand it to Microsoft. Despite the negative reviews of Microsoft's New Vista Operating System in the trade press, very little of that has filtered through to the general public. Friends and relatives have told me how eager they are to upgrade to it, for no other apparent reason than "It's New!" Warnings about draconian DRM, incompatability and poor performance as highlighted in ComputerWorld and in Peter Gutman's famous paper (apparently only famous to geeks) are lost on them.

But the Sydney Morning Herald Reports that as the general public experiences these first hand, the bad word is finally starting to spread. Customers have been reinstalling XP and advising others to wait. No one ever asked for Vista. Microsoft hoisted it upon us. Has Microsoft finally gone a Bridge to Far?

More Videogames, Fewer Books at Some Schools? 252

A News.com article highlights a plan that may please word-weary students: more games, fewer books in some educational settings. That's one plan put forth by some educators who feel that current learning plans don't fully engage today's classes. By offering real-world dilemmas in a virtual setting ('discover why fish are dying in a park'), teachers hope that games will turn kids onto the idea of learning, and eventually lead them back to books. The article covers several of the projects geared towards exploring this idea, as well as research on the subject. "A game designer, Salen is working with a group called New Visions for Public Schools to establish a school in New York City for grades 6 through 12 that would integrate video games into the entire curriculum. 'There's a lot of moral panic about addiction to games. There's a negative public perception, and we know we have to deal with that. But teachers have been using games for years and years.'"

Submission + - Forking Ideas From Ex-Boss

An anonymous reader writes: I have decided to leave my current company of 10 years, after seeing a piece of application developed by me not fully utilized to serve and capture market shares, and I would like to start a new business offering a similar service. This app is surprisingly simple, like an online contact form with a few backend logics for distribution purposes, it is not currently patented and possibly cannot be patented. Obviously I will steer clear of using any codes in the existing app, but would there still legal problems by "forking" a similar service given my intimate involvement with the development in its previous life, and what steps should I take to minimize these risks?

Submission + - AmieStreet - An interesting DRM-free music store

LucasMedaffy writes: http://www.amiestreet.com/ (as explained here: http://www.extremetech.com/article2/0,1697,2070636 ,00.asp) This is a new music store with DRM-free mp3s where the price for songs starts out at $0.00, and increases, cent by cent, as a song gets popular and downloaded more often — to a maximum of $0.98. There are also some promising social networking functionality built in — such as getting paid to recommend good music to the community. Looks promising — and Barenaked Ladies new album is on there. They should be credited as one 'big band' that has decided to embrace online distribution both on places like iTunes (with DRM obviously) as well as eMusic and various other DRM-free sites!
User Journal

Journal Journal: A dollar for Apple is a vote for the Democrats? 65

In the long lead up to the US Presidential Elections, there is something that I'm curious about.

How do slashdotters (and particularly conservative slashdotters) feel about Apple's overt and unequivocal support for the Democrats? If you're not sure what I'm talking about, consider the following:


Submission + - Contact Information Management

nnkx00 writes: Between all my peripherals and all my applications (across more than one operating system), I have a lot of places I need to keep various contact information. Unfortunately, its currently spread across all the aforementioned devices and locations. I'm looking to consolidate. How do you guys and gals keep your contact data up-to-date?

Submission + - Latest iTunes update hints at Apple TV Games!

An anonymous reader writes: "The latest release of iTunes, numbered 7.1, brings clear evidence that the Apple TV will be able to play games as users on the Internet noticed that it makes reference in its resource files to an Apple TV Games syncing feature." More info and explanation on how to verify this in your own copy of iTunes (Mac) can be found on MacScoop.

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