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Journal Journal: Dependency

Wow, I am having a really bad day and it's not even lunch time. The sad part is, it's mostly because of my dependence on portable electronics...

...which I've left at home today on accident.

Yup, that's right, in a moment of stunning memory lapse I managed to leave both my iPod and my cell phone at home today which for some reason is driving me nuts. I'm really dependent on music while I work and not having my iPod is really getting to me.

Well, I think I might survive the day...maybe.
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Journal Journal: I just remembered... 2

...that this /. journal thing exists!

Well if anyone's reading, any MMO players out there want to leave some comments about their games(sans any flaming)? Any Lineage II or City of Heroes players? (I'd really want to hear something about the latter, I'm thinking of trying it out)
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Journal Journal: O.O 1

Wow, people read random journals! Hmm...that puts pressure on me to write something interesting from time to time. (Well, considering my actual blog doesn't like my ftp anymore, that's probably not too bad.)

I'll come up with something interesting later.

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