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Comment Article Inaccurate (Score 2) 163

The arrival of Playbook OS 2.0 has been put off till February 2012, according to a blog post, which also revealed that the new version will not contain the long-awaited BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) application, which would allow Playbook users to access BlackBerry email without hooking up to a BlackBerry phone.

Whoever wrote this article doesn't understand the difference between BBM and email. RIM has said that BBM is delayed out of the Feb. release and has said nothing about email. BBM and email are two different things.

Comment Re:Cue the flamewars (Score 1) 251

It is free as in freedom. The question is who is the freedom for. You're looking at it from the wrong point of view.

The GPL attempts to ensure the freedom of the end-user while BSD gives freedom to the developer. The origin of the GPL stems from frustration over having to deal with (as a user) bugs and lack of features in closed-source code:

"I had already experienced being on the receiving end of a nondisclosure agreement, when someone refused to give me and the MIT AI Lab the source code for the control program for our printer. (The lack of certain features in this program made use of the printer extremely frustrating.)"

By ensuring that users have the right to the source code (GPLv2) and the right to run their own modified source code (GPLv3), the GPL gives freedom to them.

Submission + - Rumble in the Bronze (

EnderWiggnz writes: Penny Arcade Forum Members Hold Grudge Match for Child’s Play Charity
Joe K and HLPRMNKY will fight for their respective hospitals. Matches will be shout-casted by EG.iNcontrol, one of the best Protoss Starcraft 2 players in the world and Trus, the premier tournament shoutcaster of Starcraft Arcadia.
November 29, 2010 – What started off as a playful back and forth about each other’s inadequacies as Starcraft 2 players has escalated into a Child's Play fundraising grudge match.
On December 4th, 2010 at 9PM EST/6PM PST, EG.iNcontrol and Trus will be shout-casting a Rumble in the Bronze between Joe K, representing Abington Memorial Hospital, PA and HLPRMNKY, representing the University of Iowa Children’s Hospital.
All proceeds will go to Child's Play; the lion's share will go to the winner's hospital and the loser's hospital will receive the rest. For more information please visit the following sources:
Battle in the Bronze Thread



Battle in the Bronze Trailers

Donation Page
The event is hosted and planned by members of the Penny Arcade forums.

Comment Re:Did they (Score 1) 322

No, you just entirely missed the point of the comment because you focused on one line and tried to be pedantic.

The point is that I, as a user, cannot take the code and make a fix and apply it on my system. Sure, I can put my own compiler on there, but if there is a bug in the GUI layer that causes it to hang when I enter suspend I cannot go to the git repository and apply a fix and run with it. I'd have to wait until Mr. Jobs has blessed the next version of OSX and hope that they've fixed my bug.

Now, I'm not positive Android in most forms holds true to the "no freedom has been lost" part because the vendors don't allow you to flash your own code image without doing a good deal of hacking and violating your service agreements.
PlayStation (Games)

US Air Force To Suffer From PS3 Update 349

tlhIngan writes "The US Air Force, having purchased PS3s for supercomputing research, is now the latest victim of Sony's removal of the Install Other OS feature. It turns out that while their PS3s don't need the firmware update, it will be impossible to replace PS3s that fail. PS3s with the Other OS feature are no longer produced since the Slim was introduced, so replacements will have to come from the existing stock of used PS3s. However, as most gamers have probably updated their PS3s, that used stock is no longer suitable for the USAF's research. In addition, smaller educational clusters using PS3s will share the same fate — unable to replace machines that die in their clusters." In related news, Sony has been hit with two more lawsuits over this issue.

Comment Re:Not just corporations (Score 2, Insightful) 1070

Yes, I'm sure that the Union's will be able to match the corporations contributions.

Actually, what will probably happen is that Unions will be made illegal after all of the government is bought and paid for.

*This* is what the second amendment is for. We apparently don't have a working democracy anymore.

Comment Re:At least it was fixable. (Score 1) 611

Open and configurable has nothing to do with this. A sufficiently intelligent malware could have made things as bad as a virus on Windows. Think of a malware that infects your libc to catch certain system function calls (such as those done by the "remove instructions") and redirects them to innocuous behavior. Even on a system that provides SHA1 checksum verification of all libraries and binaries installed through the package manager, you are still susceptible to a ill-behaving fopen/fread. The only way around something like that would be to boot from a clean boot disk with a known-good libc, which is pretty similar to the only way to be sure to clean a virus off Windows.

The fact of the matter is if you have root access and you run programs without knowing what they do, you are exposed to nasty things irrespective of what OS you are running.

Comment Re:It's not about the patent, it's about the lying (Score 1) 323

It is all about making things free that didn't used to be. Devalues everything over time - creators get the message that they might as well make it free when they have a choice before someone takes that choice away from them.

Or, creators get the message that they might as well not make anything at all.

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