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Comment Re:Of all the places that got a shuttle, (Score 1) 126

If I am not mistaken, those are either the new acquisitions that have not been restored/brought in yet, or they are the planes that were recently brought back from loaner collections, which are also meticulously cleaned and checked upon return. Dayton is seriously anal about keeping their collection in excellent condition, to the point of suing other galleries who have not met the standards that they require. (such as the Memphis Belle)

Comment Re:Of all the places that got a shuttle, (Score 4, Informative) 126

New York was the least deserving. I'm not knocking New York itself, but the one at the Smithsonian isn't all that far away and they don't have a Space Center there.

The only reason New York has a shuttle is it was the shuttle that was left after all the deserving blue states got one. Johnson deserved to get the Enterprise at the least, one of the others by any real world measurement of the situation. Texas is a red state, and granted Houston is more likely to get a hurricane than New York most of the time, but the partisan politics of the Enterprise sitting there at all is sickening. I don't care what your political leanings are, the obvious partisanship in the decision is as wrong as Google's current single sided issue promotion on their resources.

You misspelled Dayton, where they know how to take care of historical aircraft and don't leave them out to rust in the sun, like Texas did.

Comment No... and please PLEASE stop! You're killing me! (Score 4, Interesting) 487

Thanks to Non-Prescription use I am not able to get my PRESCRIPTION ADHD meds filled due to the tightening of DEA guidelines on amphetamine salts.

I need my meds to function. Without them I am pretty much useless. I have been on Dexedrine for almost 20 years, but my prescription has gone from (no-insurance prices) $50 to over $400 a month.

I can't afford it, and unless I can get a decent job I can't get prescription coverage to get my meds, but I can't get my meds without a prescription.

Mostly thanks to recreational users and college age drug seekers who want to party all night and still carry a 3.5.

Enjoy your parties, and higher scores... just know that it might not be YOU that is paying the price. It might be someone else who is paying the price for your cheating your way through school on speed.

Comment Re:Technology (Score 1) 713

And the 5 buttons on the right side of the controller (with their corresponding red lights) for playing that game show that was on for about a month. I miss the old WarnerAmex controllers. Cord or no cord. It was easier. /I'll get off my own lawn now.

Comment Pounds Head Into Desk.... (Score 0) 133

"Requires your phone to be rooted"

Well, Shit.

I seem to have the unrootable phone now. This Nexus-S just won't do it, and I have done everything by the book, followed all the guides... Hell, I even watched the damned video just in case I was doing something wrong!

Must be something my provider does to them. Cincinnati Bell has a new obsession with doing interesting things to phones now.

Comment Re:AZ isn't anti-immigrant (Score 1) 835

Only after they are detained for some other reason can they ask for immigration status.

So what? The problem is that AZ still requires the police to determine the immigration status of a person by doing little more than looking at them. That it only happens in the context of some other event doesn't make it any more reasonable.

Anyway how is this any different than anyone else getting stopped by the police and being asked for identification such as a drivers license?

Well, that's illegal. The cops have no legal grounds to demand ID of anyone unless they have reason to suspect wrong-doing. At best they an ask for a person's name, but they can't demand ID.

I wish that were still true here in Ohio, but thanks to the Ohio Patriot Act Sec. 2909.31, Law enforcement may demand Identification of anyone at anytime. Failure to comply, if you have legally issued ID, is a misdemeanor.

Comment Re:They sucked at busting it (Score 1) 795

Yeah, the episodes regarding things exploding in a car (Soda Cans and Lighters) pissed me off quite a bit. Problem with the science in the lighter episode was that they chose one brand (a bic) and did all experiments with that lighter. I have never seen a bic malfunction, explode in a car, or have the wheel and spring come flying off, while cheaper lighters have those problems often. I have had more than a few soft drinks explode in a hot (or cold) car, and had lighters explode in my car. (Working with wax, you keep them around a lot) Mythbusters never replied to my criticism of either.

Comment Re:One man's "garbage"... (Score 2, Interesting) 507

Wow dude, way to try and down fark while pushing your own weak ass bullshit site in your sig.

So what (it's not "my" site anyways)? Challenge: Post this url in any Fark thread.

No, he has a point. Bannination is mostly fark ex-pats. Some banned, some not. But moderation at bannination is crowd based and rarely utilized. Nothing legal is verboten. Try that on Fark.

Comment Re:From the point of view of QA (Score 1) 776

Could be.

My 1990 Acura had a problem starting when it was really hot out, but not all the time.

Turns out there was a relay below the steering wheel that was related to fuel pump operation. That relay would fail to work if it was over 100F in the footwell of the passenger compartment.

So, if I parked in the sun on a hot day, and went in to get groceries, the car would not start when I came back out. If I left the window down enough to let some air cooling happen, the car would start.

Now, I used to work on cars for a living, and I was totally stumped as to why on some days the car just refused to start.

It was not until I was stuck in traffic on a really hot day that I found out that the issue was related to the temp in the passenger compartment, not the temperature of the engine.

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