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Comment Re:Technology (Score 1) 212

Plus they already know which accounts have used VPNs in the past and are likely to do so in the future. "Oh, 4 accounts that have used VPNs have just shown up on this previously-unseen IP range".

I haven't really understood why they don't just say that your subscription fee only covers the region in which you subscribe. Then they'd at least get double the subscription fee from someone who uses it in their own country + another country.

Comment Re:This is a bad idea. (Score 2) 68

It seems like it'd be a good way to reduce some of the delivery hurdles. If you live in a city where delivery companies aren't comfortable leaving packages on your door step then it'd give you another location where you could pick up your Amazon stuff - presumably less inconvenient than driving out to the UPS depot.

It also would give them a chance to offer cheaper next day delivery since they could just nextday a giant box of small things to the convenience store and split them out for all their customers. Given that Amazon must account of a third of the boxes on just about any residential delivery truck it seems like they've got a lot of margin to try different models.

Comment Re:90% of time not 90% of vehicles (Score 1) 990

I have an ICE car and even still I'd always rent something if i'm going on a road trip. The depreciation of putting 1500 miles on my own car in a week is comparable to what it costs to rent something.

Just as I don't drive a huge truck for the rare situations when I need to move something heavy. I just run over to uhaul or home depot and rent a pick up for $20-30.

Obviously if you need to drive hundreds of miles on a regular basis or if you need to move loads of concrete or lumbar every week then you'd be better off owning a vehicle that can do those things, but there are a lot of easy options for overcoming that.

Comment Re:Just say unable to determine location (Score 1) 175

I'm at a loss for when it could ever work. Maybe for businesses that have a dedicated subnet that's properly geolocated, but I don't think i've ever had a residential address that maxmind has done better than a mile or two accuracy.

Really, their complaint should be with the local jurisdictions that show up and make their life hell.

Comment Re:Just say unable to determine location (Score 2) 175

But they are able to determine location. They identified the country and nothing more. Their API returns an accuracy radius which is the number of kilometers for which they are 67% certain that the user resides. So they picked a point in KS and presumably returned a very large radius.

They claim they get within 40km 83% of the time. How anyone could thing this is ever suitable for showing up at someone's house is unbelievable.

Comment Re:"It's the content, stupid" (Score 3, Insightful) 460

But you should be comparing "Amazon Prime" and "Netflix" since they are both all-you-can eat streaming services.

I think you are comparing "Amazon Video" which is amazons premium pay-per-movie model with "Netflix" which is unfair. Are you suggesting that Netflix should offer the movies that Amazon offer for payment as inclusive in their all-you-can-eat plan or are you suggesting they introduce a mixed model where there are some premium movies on netflix?

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