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Comment Re:90% of time not 90% of vehicles (Score 1) 990

I have an ICE car and even still I'd always rent something if i'm going on a road trip. The depreciation of putting 1500 miles on my own car in a week is comparable to what it costs to rent something.

Just as I don't drive a huge truck for the rare situations when I need to move something heavy. I just run over to uhaul or home depot and rent a pick up for $20-30.

Obviously if you need to drive hundreds of miles on a regular basis or if you need to move loads of concrete or lumbar every week then you'd be better off owning a vehicle that can do those things, but there are a lot of easy options for overcoming that.

Comment Re:Just say unable to determine location (Score 1) 175

I'm at a loss for when it could ever work. Maybe for businesses that have a dedicated subnet that's properly geolocated, but I don't think i've ever had a residential address that maxmind has done better than a mile or two accuracy.

Really, their complaint should be with the local jurisdictions that show up and make their life hell.

Comment Re:Just say unable to determine location (Score 2) 175

But they are able to determine location. They identified the country and nothing more. Their API returns an accuracy radius which is the number of kilometers for which they are 67% certain that the user resides. So they picked a point in KS and presumably returned a very large radius.

They claim they get within 40km 83% of the time. How anyone could thing this is ever suitable for showing up at someone's house is unbelievable.

Comment Re:"It's the content, stupid" (Score 3, Insightful) 460

But you should be comparing "Amazon Prime" and "Netflix" since they are both all-you-can eat streaming services.

I think you are comparing "Amazon Video" which is amazons premium pay-per-movie model with "Netflix" which is unfair. Are you suggesting that Netflix should offer the movies that Amazon offer for payment as inclusive in their all-you-can-eat plan or are you suggesting they introduce a mixed model where there are some premium movies on netflix?

Comment Re:"It's the content, stupid" (Score 2) 460

I'm not seeing that. In the top 20 films only one is available on both Netflix and Amazon Prime (Pulp Fiction) and then one is only netflix (Hoop Dreams) and one is only Amazon Prime (Apocalypse Now).

I suppose it's inevitable that Netflix will start offering premium content like Amazon, but once it's got a vast library that you can rent on a pay-per-movie basis their all-inclusive streaming selection will go from bad to worse.

Comment Re:Double Standard (Score 2) 765

Has anyone ever accomplished much of value in their two week period? It's rarely enough time to replace you, let alone give you any time to transition any worthwhile knowledge to them.

Usually it seems to mostly involve them groveling and offering more money, but I've never known anyone that said "you know what, that sounds great I'll just stay"

Comment Re:out of the ISP's hands - so what is the ISP for (Score 1) 184

That's the irony of the current situation. i'm in a city where there's municipal fiber going in, and consequently comcast beat them to the punch and have 2gig service available nearly everywhere. Now ever centurytel is realizing that they need fiber if they want to compete.

In theory by the end of this year I'll have three fiber choices, each offering at least 1 gig symmetric (and i actually spotted in a locate that AT&T have fiber less than 50' from my house so that's another potential option).

Of course people who live in areas with no competition get 5mbit dsl and they fucking like it.

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