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Comment Re:East Palo Alto has always been troubled (Score 1) 504

I do think that cities have a moral obligation to ensure that their local employees are paid enough that they can reasonably live in the city.

So many of the issues with police would be better if cities were generally policed by police who lived there. I grew up knowing where most of my school teachers lived because i walked by their houses. A teacher in Palo Alto should be able to afford a condo there.

Comment Re:The answer is no, this is pointless (Score 1) 230

Virtually all of mine is zwave. It connects through a bridge to the internet and so while you could compromise the bridge you'd never really compromise the device. The light switch lacks wifi, lacks any concept of an IP address and I struggle to see any viable exploit against that.

The idea of buying a mismatch of nonstandard wifi bulbs from different suppliers just sounds like a nightmare.

Comment Re:Ideally a manifest/profile from IoT makers... (Score 3, Interesting) 230

But how would that work for devices that aren't tied to a specific service? I have some neat little wifi devices that show up in spotify and let me stream to various speakers around the house. If i cut them off from the internet then they simply don't work. I'd have to manually identify every IP that spotify uses and there seem to be a lot of them. In the end I watched them, identified two chinese IPs that they do reach out to and simply blocked those two. In theory that should stop them pulling in new firmware which seems like the most likely way they'd be infected. (However I haven't been able to determine if it uses an DNS lookup to find them and if so then that means someone hacking the chinese manufacturer could easily route the dns to another server).

The other thing that's really missing here is that this isn't really limited to iot devices. I'm sure in a year or two they'll be as secure as a typical windows machine and then the exploits will swing back that direction. Consumers that care about keeping their devices safe will do so, and those that don't give a fuck will see a slight improvement as time goes by.

Comment Re:some rules (Score 5, Insightful) 230

I've corralled mine into a dhcp space, but it might be safer just to set up a whole separate wifi network for them, would make it easier to monitor.

Still it's trickier for things like the chromecast or airplay-type devices, because they both interact with phones and laptops on the local network and need to connect directly to streaming sources on the internet.

Comment Re:Home internet (Score 1) 135

I was wondering the same sort of thing.

Does any isp that offers 1 gigabit connections need significantly more backhaul bandwidth than one selling 50 megabit connections? Intuitively you'd expect it to be 20x more but in reality I don't suppose it is.

There are some compulsive torrenters who'll download more than ever, but they are surely in the minority. Some behavioral changes come wtih having fast reliable internet, but not all of them serve to increase bandwidth consumption.

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