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Comment Re:I know it's trendy (Score 1) 649

The military, and associated industries, are likely the most sure votes Republicans have. Keeping them happy and playing the "support our troops" sympathy card is an easy way to lock up many votes.

Hell, my boss is in Air Force Reserves after doing Marine Corps (he spent time in Afghanistan). I can have a very rational discussion with him about the state of affairs and find that we have pretty similar views of what should happen, but at the end of the day he says "I have to vote Republican because I'm military"...

Comment Re:As always (Score 4, Insightful) 193

I know I fight a losing battle each time I defend being a parent on /. but I don't agree with your assessment.

I was 33 when my son (only child) was born, so I had a good decade of "freedom".. I enjoyed my 20s but wouldn't say I miss them.

Now my kid is 4, there are frustrating moments but also experiences I would never trade. Best thing is that I now have a great excuse to play with toys again. When I'm at home, I feel younger because of my son.

I don't go out with friends nearly as much but to say you lose 18 years, that's ridiculous.

Comment Sounds like marketing hype (Score 1) 125

If you're moving full pallets of product only, a fleet of robots would probably be better. If your volumes and product sizes vary by order, humans are going to be better.

On of our warehouses tried a robotic system to put product away and retrieve it when needed. It sucks, it's slow, it's costly, and it's always breaking down. I know technology moves at a quick pace but I haven't seen anything close to matching efficiency of a human operator.

Comment Re:Public roads? (Score 1) 469

Typically most of the road maintenance comes from local taxes meaning those who actually live or work in that area. Plus residential neighborhoods are typically not designed to be used as highway bypass routes. I understand the need to occasionally disperse grid locked traffic on the side roads but it just seems to me that the more people who use Waze (or an equivalent) the less of a benefit everyone will get.

I think the local residents have a valid reason to be upset. Best thing they can do is put a stop sign on every corner to ensure people aren't buzzing through too quickly.

Comment Re:Just drive (Score 1) 163

Well it's not meant for the driver, it's meant to be used by the passengers. Anyone that goes on long road trips with family understands how this could be beneficial.

I'm good with just a DVD player but I can see the value in streaming from Amazon or Netflix, probably at a lower quality though.

Comment Not a programmer, but.. (Score 1) 1001

I haven't done any sort of actual programming since my original undergrad almost 20 years ago, needless to say I never went through an interview like this. As others have mentioned, the expectation likely isn't to get the person to write a perfect program during the interview. It is to evaluate their thought process, ensure they do actually have the skills they claim to, and see how the person can react to a pressure situation.

If I were the interviewer, I would hope the individual would first discuss logic with me. Then I would ask them to show me. Finally we'd talk about what they were able to get on the board.

If the company's intention was simply a straight coding test, do you think you'd honestly be happy there anyway? Sounds like if the interview was stressful actually working for the company would be a nightmare.

Comment Re:$160.000 and a hole in your budget at monthend (Score 1) 805

Honestly speaking, the tech industry has matured so it's only natural that salaries will come down. I think the product lifecyle curve can apply in this situation as well.

Healthcare industry will follow suit in another decade or two. Right now there is a lack of trained professionals so pay is high and the employee can be very selective with jobs they take. Eventually the education system will pump out so many young professionals the job glut will be gone. My sister is a nurse, not sure she's stayed with any particular job for more than 2 years. So easy to find a new job just about anywhere she wanted to live.

Comment Re:Upgrade from older TVs? (Score 1) 164

Plus media can now come easily on computer monitors, tables, and cell phones.

My parents' house currently has 4 TVs, with 3 that get used frequently even with them being empty nesters.

I have just 1 tv in the house, in the main living room, and it probably only gets used 4 days per week, mostly on the weekend.. and that's just so our 4 year old can watch a movie or two.

We'll never allow him to have a tv in his room. If we're going to be anti-social, it's at least going to be in the living room which is at the center of the house. :)

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