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Comment Re:Money (Score 1) 190

I'd love to see your grocery bills before and after this change, adjusted for inflation. High carbs = cheap food, thus the seeming contradiction of obesity even in low-income households.

Advocates of this stuff always remind me of Oprah, et al breezily giving advice along the lines of "just have your personal shopper and chef..."

I don't have grocery bills plotted against inflation, but my grocery bill runs 6-700 a month for a family of 4 and has since 2011 (so saith Quicken). From my limited data, it doesn't seem like it cost more, just changed what we bought. Maybe the pork chops I had for dinner cost more than box of pasta and jar of sauce, but the eggs and bacon I had for breakfast were cheaper than the cereal and fruit, so it's kind of a wash. Pork, chicken, various nuts, eggs, butter, lots and lots of bacon. These things are not hard to find or cook. No personal shopper or chef required.

I had similar results as gosand, but it's not for everyone (the wife does terrible on high fat/low carb). For me it made a tremendous difference in everything they can measure about my health and I'd never go back. It's a shame that for decades a diet that could really help some folks has been demonized.

Comment Re:We don't need no stinking upgrade fees (Score 1) 187

If that's true, they're doing it wrong. I have Ting, running off Sprint's CDMA network. I've swapped phones on the same account back and forth a half dozen times in a single day for testing. All I used was a web form. It just a couple of minutes each time to activate. No call required and certainly not $20 worth of effort for them.

Comment Re:How long till 'clean'? (Score 4, Funny) 201

I live in Florida. We have a decent alligator population here. I haven't seen one in the wild in over 20 years.

Having moved from FL just a few years back I have a hard time believing this unless you were living entirely in your parent's basement. This is slashdot so that is certainly a possibility, but hardly anyone has a basement in FL so I'm just confused.

Comment Re:The sentence in the article with intrigued me. (Score 2, Insightful) 229

A modern human needs 2k calories a day when they work a desk job. When I worked construction I was eating around 5k calories a day and weighed 140 lbs at 5'10". I suspect the life of a modern human in the time of the Neanderthal was probably more on the construction end of the calories required spectrum than the sits around with a laptop end I enjoy today. Still not the 7k you mention above, but not as much of a difference.

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