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Comment Re:Guilty conscience? (Score 1) 790

I have no reason to doubt you

I know you're trying to be polite, but you sound sort of gullible here. You should doubt *everyone*, especially if they're trying to make a political point.

The actual plan is to limit the value of charitable tax deductions to 28% of the amount given, even if the giver is in a higher tax bracket (tax brackets max out at 35%). Plus, it's just a plan at this point and hasn't been passed by Congress.

Comment Re:Not enough data (Score 1) 288

Yeah, nothing stands out as being obviously bad science here. The result is basically that on average, the right ear is slightly better at hearing things in a naturalistic setting. Only the first page of the article is available online, but the authors explain that this right-ear advantage has been fairly well-studied in the laboratory and they were attempting to confirm it in a less artificial environment.

Note that this advantage is apparently small, and may be only an average thing; could be that 60% of people hear better with their right ear, 40% of people with their left, I can't tell from the available information. The crap about "amenable parts of the brain" was most likely invented by journalists.

Comment Re:I don't buy it... (Score 3, Informative) 516

The quote from the not-really-worth-reading article is:

Chris Goodall, author of Ten Technologies to Save the Planet, estimates the carbon emissions of a Google search at 7g to 10g (assuming 15 minutes' computer use).

So they might be measuring the energy needed to turn on a computer and mess around on the Internet for 15 minutes. Or they might just be making stuff up.

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