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Comment Re:Can we enter a bot? (Score 1) 129

While it's true that certain types of questions get repeated in different forms (e.g. the language of the problem might clue you in to it having a dynamic programming solution) I highly doubt that in the next few years (or the next 5-20 years for that matter) a bot will be able to do any more than identify the reuse of a previous question with different wording and solve this.

This is easy to circumvent, however, as more complicated/obscure natural language constructs can be used to confuse the bot (botfuscation). What you're suggesting is that in a few years we'll have bots that are perfectly capable of parsing natural language, understanding the problem asked, and solving it. This means they'll have to perform image recognition as well for the problems that have pictures. I believe this technology is still in its infancy and is nowhere near 100% accurate. But maybe you're more up on the research than I am?

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