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Comment They're unlikely to see mine because... (Score 1) 397

... it points out that I've stopped visiting the US because I'm sick of being treated like a criminal by their border control staff.

There are so many nicer, cheaper places where I'm greeted with a welcome and a smile and if they want to lose tourist dollars to the competition then that's up to them.

Comment Give the advertisers what they're asking for (Score 1) 618

I've been waiting for the next logical escalation in the battle between ad blockers and advertisers. Ad blockers were introduced, advertisers put ad-block detecters in place and refuse content. Well how about if we had ad blockers that downloaded that content, just didn't display it. And to take things one step further, how about there being an option for those with plenty of fast bandwidth to do this by default. Now imagine the implications of a few million browsers doing just that.

Comment Re:it could have been an accident (Score 2) 737

The other pertinent piece of information that if the door is put in the locked position, it will need reconfirming as being locked within 5 minutes.

'"Locked" means the locking mechanism ignores the touchpad entry code and remains locked for five minutes (it can be repeated).'

Comment Time to do what they ask (Score 5, Insightful) 364

I seen from TFA that HBO at one point requested their own website to be removed. If I was Google I'd be paying extra special attention to requests for Mega Corp A to take down Mega Corp B's website (or even better their own), and react quickly. Of course I might be a little slower in dealing with the subsequent undo requests whilst watching the ensuing entertainment.

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