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Comment Re:so much for Prime (Score 1) 18

This is for successful Kickstarter products, that is ones that have already shipped to their backers and are ready to start selling the product to others.

All startups who participate in Launchpad receive custom product pages, a comprehensive marketing package, and access to Amazon's global fulfillment network, the retailer notes.

Given that I see no reason why they couldn't be included in prime, and browsing through the page, most of them are.

Unless your post was a joke, in which case: /swoosh.

Comment Don't use Digitalocean (Score 5, Informative) 565

I agree with the other posters that these videos are likely to cause confusion to the average viewer, and are probably in violation of trademark law. That said, the way to handle that is in the courts.

DCMA takedown requests only apply to copyright infringement, not trademark law. It is a violation of the law to use the DCMA this way, both according to the USPTOs guidelines(See B.4), and existing case law.

From the article, it is unknown whether their lawyers sent a DCMA request or a some other sort of cease and desist letter. But either way, Digitalocean had no legal obligation to take down the content, or any legal liability if they didn't take it down. The fact that they shutdown an entire service over a toothless complaint about one page on that service is unacceptable, and people should seriously reconsider doing business with them in the future.

Comment Re:Bank Accounts not mentioned in TFA (Score 1) 621

Does anyone know whether payroll debit cards being used for many low income jobs fall into the open-loop or closed-loop category? The people that are being paid with those are doing so because they don't have a bank account (and often can't get one) so those cards for all practical purposes are their bank account.

Comment Or you could use paper cups instead (Score 4, Interesting) 299

It might surprise some hardcore environmentalists that using paper cups, or just using more paper on anything else, might be more environment friendly than you might imagine. (The following facts might be considered as flamebait again but please read on with patient before you mod.)

Papers are not made from cutting wood in rain forest anymore (some furniture, on the other hand, still are). 95% of the raw materials in paper are coming from trees, and these trees are carefully planned to grow and harvest. Various "Tree Funds" were raised every 10-15 years for raising money in building such tree farms.

Unfortunately, these "Tree Funds" are very sensitive to market. When there are less demand in papers, these funds would diminish, and in turn less tree farms would be built. Less tree farms, less trees, less oxygen-producers, more carbon dioxide, more severe the green house effect and so forth.

Encouraging paper-saving would probably lead to more green house gases. The irony...

Comment Dutch Sandwich and Bermuda Black Hole (Score 1) 263

Why would EU want multinational giants like Google to have full disclosure of their tax evasion strategies when they have absolutely no intention to hide it? Their tax evasion strategies are commonly known as "Double Irish, Dutch Sandwich", which could easily be found in modern textbooks.

Ultimately the corporate taxes are waived in Bermuda (aka. Bermuda Black Hole), I wondered how EU was supposed to regulate it?

Comment Some states ban sales of solar power (Score 0, Flamebait) 292

Contrary to the believes of most posts above, solar energy actually works, and it works to an extend that households could sell the excessive power back to the energy companies. Traditional energy companies thus lobby for banning of sales of power by individual households or corporations. Florida, which is supposed to have plenty sunshine for solar powering, are one of the four states imposed such ban for protection of monopolization. Well, they used "inefficient energy production" in lobbying. Sadly, Federal Government backed it, because solar panels were mostly made by China, and promotion of the use of solar panels would probably deepen the trade deficits.

Traditional energy companies ruled that renewable energy companies must not survive in US. You have better chance in other countries. RIP.

Comment Definitely not "COMMUNICATION errors" (Score 1) 110

In the first article the blogger defined Elop Effect as "COMMUNICATION errors" - ditching Symbian before Windows phone was ready. HELL, NO, it's not merely a COMMUNICATION errors". He's a former employee of Microsoft, and he has his track-record of destroying Macromedia (plummeted its stock values, and then sold it to Adobe) when he was also the CEO of this company. His mission was very well-known in telecommunication world: molesting Nokia from inside so that it could agreed to sleep with Microsoft as a cheap whore.

If anybody asked me what Elop Effect is: hostile take-over of a company by sending them an infiltrator CEO.

Comment My story tells you why you should block ads (Score 1) 707

They told you ads are good for you? Think about it. I once google for "MILF" (really, I didn't know what the hell was it and I was JUST looking for its meaning), turn out it referred to something disgusting and I didn't even dare clicking into the search result. Immediate after that, the right side of my facebook were filled with dating services with senior women, and everyday they recommended me of pages of senior women. Even my subsequent search results were topped with similar ads. My coworkers now stayed away from me.

I wanted to call Google telling them that I AM NOT INTERESTED IN HAVING CLOSE RELATIONSHIP WITH OLD WOMEN PLEASE STOP...or I just go get an adblocker.

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