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Comment Re:Money (Score 1) 297

Inflation is too low.

Inflation is good for the economy because it reduces the relative percentage of the GDP that must be devoted to debt service. Deflation is bad because it means those who have money get rich and those who don't, don't get rich.

What people like yourself don't understand is that the vast majority of money that exists in bank deposit accounts was not created by the government. It was created by banks, with debts credited as assets on the bank's balance sheet. All of that money that was created all came with a future interest obligation.

Quite simply, if you do not inflation not only do people get poorer, but everyone defaults on their debts.

One need not look very far and see that is exactly what happened during the Great Depression.

The government always controls the money supply. It does this by adjudicating debts only in the currency that it has the sole legal right to create and regulate. It does this by levying taxes. And, in a more complex system impossible for libertardians to understand, sovereign governments coordinate with one another to adjust exchange rates for mutually beneficial ends.

Quite frankly, you are very confused about banking, about money, about interest rates, and pretty economics in general. You quote a lot of shit. But, it's all shit.

Comment Re:I'm highly skeptical (Score 3, Funny) 244

The purpose of the Trump presidency is to oversee the end of USD Hegemony and the transition to a UN mediated reserve currency for foreign exchange.

The USD has been artificially strong since the Nixon Shock, the reasons of which are significant but not relevant to my point. This was a political move, at that time. The goals of USD imperialism have been achieved, and the imbalances caused by this system (see the the Triffin Paradox) mean it is in everyone's interest to move to this system.

An immediate consequence is the "lower cost" countries will no longer be so much lower as the USD falls in value and other country's currencies rise.

The same is true for imported goods. Many sneer at Trump's proposal to bring manufacturing back. Automation definitely means this won't be a huge solution to unemployment, but it's necessary. Cheap goods from China will no longer be affordable for the lower classes. Even if all new factories were entirely automated, we would still need to build them.

Comment Re: Fuck you (Score 1) 470

Hahaha. You mean, bring over some bondage gear? Yes, your leather cladded freaks will instill such fear! Hail Sodomy!

Yes, all you Germans are fat, perverted freaks and a threat to no one. No one is afraid of you. That's why your country is overrun, and they rape your women like animals! You're all cowardly, sick fucks!

Comment Re:Fuck Twitter appeasement (Score 1, Troll) 470

Let me guess. You're fat. You're lazy. You haven't hit the gym in years if ever. And you've fucked a relatively small number of women.

People like you just don't matter anymore. You're all talk, all action. Watch the Q&A with Spencer at Texas A&M - every faggot pussy hurling threats like yourself is a total fucking loser.

Fear not, when we take control of this country, we will indeed show YOU mercy. But you will be deported.

Comment Re:Better be ready to be beat up when layed off wo (Score 1) 541

China is already doing it. It's called eugenics and genetic engineering. They just began trials of CRISPR technology 2 weeks ago, which will eventually allow them to edit the genome of fertilized eggs.

The problem is IQ governs the behavior your describe, and IQ is hereditary. The solution it to eventually eliminate the less intelligent from the population by forcing everyone to have their children genetically engineered.

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