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Comment Re:AM could be a honeypot (Score 1) 450

I believe it is safe to say virtually all major internet sites that gather data are intelligence assets. Google was initially founded with enormous amounts of DoD grants, for example. Personally, I was always suspicious of google as it really just came out of nowhere. The results were better, true, but it was the speed of the site that just seemed bizarre. Alta Vista was the best in those days - a technology showcase of one of the largest server manufacturers in the world. How did some Jews from Stanford get enough loot to go up against DEC?

Even something like Bitcoin, if you look into it, is rather comical. Bitcoin is entirely insecure, and has an entire transaction history publically available for the "coin". It was designed to be tracked, undoubtedly to control the black market.

The internet has, at this stage, proven to be a curse. A real shame.

Comment Re:The mass hysteria ... (Score 2, Insightful) 282

Actually, this kind of delusion that you espouse is a primary example of the effectiveness of mass media propaganda. You are repeating the indoctrination presented in every single university, and most lower schools. You are repeating the same narrative shown on every single television channel. And one commonly found in science fiction.

Yet, you perceive yourself as being outside the mainstream, when you are repeating the very religion of the people who rule over you. You in fact do not deviate in any substantive way from the ideology of the billionaires who buy your politicians, fund your research institutions and universities, and control your media propaganda.

"wingnuts". Common folk with no money or influence who wield no power over you, and simply are tired of clowns such as yourself telling them how stupid they are for not swallowing all the propaganda shoved down their throats. That is who you attack. You are a fool.

It's really extraordinary how common such madness pervades America. Fortunately, most people like yourself are physically weak, cowardly, and so utterly atomized you have no allies in any substantive sense. You are utterly dependent upon The System to maintain your sheep like existence, and ultimately to protect you.

When the next civil war comes, people such as yourself will simply die. You have no place in a civilized society, except as a slave. Thanks to technology, people such as yourself are economically obsolete and a danger to social order as idleness breeds discontent in your kind.

Comment Re:This wasn't delayed by injustice (Score -1, Troll) 134

This was indeed quite just. Jews spread lies and perversion wherever they have power, and severely discriminate against others. Universities during the third reich were just like here. Jews were a tiny fraction of the population, yet were 30% of the student body and often the majority of teachers.

For 2,000 years, almost all people of the world have extricated this cancer from their nations, and so it will continue.

Sieg Heil!


Comment Re:Wilders didn't campaign to ban de Quran as such (Score 1) 1097

What is amazing is how people like yourself can make such claims. Such is the power of propaganda.

A thinking person would simply question all accounts of "genocide" as it is a criminal offense in virtually all of Europe to refuse to believe that such genocide even occurred. What kind of truth requires that level of coercion?

Moreover, it is simply a book. Wouldn't a thinking person want to read the autobiography of a man so vilified?

Apparently not, because if you did - you would be able to see for yourself that 1) Most of Adolf Hitler's criticisms were indeed quite reasonable and 2) he did not advocate genocide at any point.

What causes people like yourself to simply accept everything you see on television? I just couldn't imagine being such a follower that I lack any ability to think critically.

Comment Re:"xenophobic fascist" (Score 1) 1097

That is not what Geert Wilders is claiming. See, the reason we have different countries is because people are different. Muslims and Arabs and Africans are free to practice their unique ways in their own countries. There is simply no reason for those people to be in Europe, and there is no reason for them to import their particular ways of life into a society against the will of those people already there.

Ultimately however, your personal belief in radical equality just doesn't matter. War is coming. Multiculturalism has failed, and Muslims will cease being in Europe within a generation. This will occur peacefully or violently. It is probably best if you simply accept this, and encourage all people to practice their unique ways in their own countries. When in Rome, do as the Romans do and all that. You know, basic common sense.

Comment Re:Unless (Score 1) 301

Nazis did not persecute blacks at all. There were perhaps 20,000 in Germany. They could not join german specific groups like the SS or hitler youth, and could not get into many university programs, but they were otherwise left alone. There was no segregation. They could hold most jobs, or join the regular german army.

A great personal account.


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