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Comment Re:Better be ready to be beat up when layed off wo (Score 1) 531

China is already doing it. It's called eugenics and genetic engineering. They just began trials of CRISPR technology 2 weeks ago, which will eventually allow them to edit the genome of fertilized eggs.

The problem is IQ governs the behavior your describe, and IQ is hereditary. The solution it to eventually eliminate the less intelligent from the population by forcing everyone to have their children genetically engineered.

Comment Re:The priesthood has spoken (Score -1, Troll) 249

How on earth can you possibly be certain that glaciers are receding? How can you be certain the north pole ice is melting? And even if both are true, how do you know that is remotely significant?

You don't actually understand science, scientific reasoning, or particularly the scientific method. What you do is simply what you are told. You're like a soulless golem, desperate to just prove your conformity by repeating mindless talking points.

Why do you give a shit? Oh, you care about the world. Waaa. What were you doing today besides jacking of playing gay video games? Have you made a contribution in anyone's life today?

No. It's all narcissism and virtue signalling. You don't have any virtue. You're a nobody. And the day you die, you'll be forgotten, forever.

Comment Re:How Many Paid Oil/Gas Industry Trolls Post Here (Score 1, Insightful) 284

Slashdot used to be a site that didn't discuss global warming every day, or any of the other political bullshit that is used to justify the seeping United Nations encroachment on national sovereignty occurring worldwide.

The reality is simple. No one believes the leftist diatribes any longer. We've been hearing for decades how global warming will kill us all, but no one notices any temperature changes really. We also know that pollution is way down (if you are old enough, you will remember when smog was a real, visible problem). Few believe in the fantasy that racists, and sexists, and homophobes are secret wreckers undermining society. Certainly, decades of claiming every Republican president is the next Hitler has turned out rather absurdly.

In fact, Slashdot of today, versus Slashdot of 2000-2004 is actually a fascinating analysis of just how far the left has declined. There was real substance in those days. Principled resistance to the Iraq war and responses to 9/11. Real resistance to globalism.

Now, it's just "wahh! bad racist! bad sexist! bad homophobe! bad climate change denier! once we are rid of you, utopia!"

Comment Re:I'm afraid to click on any of this article's li (Score 1, Interesting) 176

You've got to understand. This is Slashdot. Most readers here can't get laid, or if they have, their partner count is low. They don't understand what it is like to follow the baseball metaphor for sex. If they have sex at all, it is because the woman finally settles for them and initiates everything (after fucking a lot of alpha guys less worthy than Trump).

So, "grab them by the pussy" means nothing to a man who only can have sex when a woman grabs him by the balls.

Anyone who is remotely attractive and talented knows how it works. First base, you kiss the girl, second base, you feel her up, third base, you grab her pussy, and if she is still into it, then you can push for a home run - getting her back to your place to fucking her.

If you are the kind of man women want, this is easy to do. There are at least 2 dozen girls I've done this with in less than 2 hours. A woman who doesn't resist you grabbing her pussy will fuck you, guaranteed. And women know this game. I've probably experienced 3 dozens times where I made out with a girl, quickly accelerated to second base, but when I went for her pussy, she brushed my and away, or in a few cases, pushed me away. Such is life. They didn't think anything of it, and in most cases they asked to go on a second date or even stated they wanted to take it slow.

And that's where a lot of this comes from. Trump did well for women, because women know how the game works. I mean seriously, Chaucer writes about grabbing a woman's pussy to see if she is ready and interested in sex. Men have been writing shit similar to the baseball metaphor for sex since writing was invented. In a more civilized age before testosterone levels plummeted, fathers would patiently explain to their sons the proper, respectable order of events.

For the nerd however, autism is his flaw. Poetry is a foreign language. Social cues with women are not understood. BUT, they do understand that alphas like Trump can fuck any woman they want, and deep down they know almost every woman wants to fuck him.

So they manufacture bullshit like this.

I am not a Trump supporter. I think he is a wolf in sheep's clothing, and I believe political correctness has been propagated to kill progressive economic policies and discredit the left. There are SO MANY REASONS to criticize Trump, but claiming he is a sexual predator? Bullshit. Total bullshit.

Comment Re:This is gonna be fun (Score 3, Insightful) 1368

1) Restricting immigration such that it benefits American Citizens? Issue.
2) Renegotiating trade deals and implementing trade tariffs to benefit American workers? Issue.
3) Rebuilding our nation's crumbling infrastructure and putting American Citizens to work? Issue.
4) Stopping all foreign wars and provocations of major world powers like Russia? Big fucking issue unless you like getting nuked.

The list goes on... The issues don't get much bigger than this, except in fantasy land of "climate change" or "white privilege".

Comment Re:I am proud of this country (Score 1) 2837

God, you have been a shitlib on Slashdot for 15 years.

Fuck you. If you think everyone is so fucking bad, then immigration should be halted, and we should divide the country up to keep all the poor lambs away from the big baddies.

We've been listening to fucking losers like you for decades telling us this shit, imposing incredible amounts of propaganda, and nothing. Not a goddamn thing has changed.

Comment Re:Slashdot double standard (Score 2) 177

Ridiculous. You hate people who hate Indians. Ergo, there are definitely situations where it is acceptable to hate.

You are advocating for total nihilism.

And the situation here is the same as it has always been. The vast majority of robberies of cab drivers are black men. The vast majority of cab drivers, including black men who are cab drivers, do not pick up black men because it is in their mind not worth the risk.

The reason this particular issue never gets more traction is relatively few cab drivers are white these days, and since only white people can be racist, the issue blows up once people like you realize it is non-white people discriminating against black people.

Really, the solution needs to be figuring out how to make black men less likely to commit crimes. How do you do that? I haven't got a clue. But no one is going to stop discriminating unless they are rich in lily white suburbs isolated from the realities of the world around them.

You're not special. You're one of a hundred million internet keyboard warriors typing such drivel makes them a good person.

Comment Re:AIDS in the 1970s (Score 0) 380

Homosexuality is caused by an as of yet unidentified pathogen, similar to toxoplasmosis. There is a lot of strong evidence for this, mostly the fact there is NO genetic correlation as homosexuality is obviously an evolutionary dead end. There IS however a strong genetic aversion to homosexuals, which must have conferred a survival advantage.

Anal sex is a particularly good disease vector, especially for youths. Sodomizing little boys is a great way to spread the disease, and the life cycle begins anew.

But most importantly, the compulsiveness of homosexual sex and animal hoarding is very compelling. Both are equally intense, destructive, and irrational.

Homosexuals can engage in such promiscuity because it is quick, especially with grinder. If you live in Manhattan, you can get laid twice a day for 30 minutes each. No big deal.

Comment Re:AIDS in the 1970s (Score 1) 380

People like you just don't have a clue. "Science, Bitch!". Typical nerd religious assertions.

I lived in Chelsea most of my adult life. My nextdoor neighborhood, who was a childhood friend is a prominent gay activist, would have a different guy over every night. I would be dating girls, and the screams coming out of that room as men were sodomized was enough I lost relationships. Night after night, I'd see random dudes banging on his doors, and then REALLY hear some banging. And, my partner count is probably north of 150, so I'm hardly in a position to judge. But this friend of mine - he probably hit 100+ EVERY year.

Do you hang out with faggots? Doubtful. If you did, you'd realize "dating sites" are about as relevant to their sexual activity as they are for attractive straight people. Dating sites are for losers who can't, for whatever reason, meet people elsewhere. All of my gay friends have more partners than I can keep up with.

This is what the internet has done. Ridiculous appeals to authority that have no basis in reality.

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