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Submission + - Netflix at Crossroads (

Seraphim_72 writes: Soon we won't have to worry about bandwidth caps because Netflix is losing content. Soon Disney, Sony and Starz content will be gone because of the end of the Starz distribution stream. Is it back to disc then? I have to admit that I enjoy streaming more than rental, but this hit netflix hard on thier stock. Well, rent, rip, return worked once upon a time, I guess it might be back to the old days.

Submission + - Free Codeweavers for a day

Seraphim_72 writes: According to a press release from Codeweavers the makers of WINE, because the price of gas has dipped so low in St Paul MN, Codeweavers' flagship product will be free for a day, Tuesday the 28th. You must register for this, but if you already own the standard you get upgraded to Pro, and you get your support extended for a year. Me I plan on donating to them regardless, this is very good of them to follow through on their promise. So go register, and I encourage you to donate as well.

Submission + - MS Cheaper than Ever

Seraphim_72 writes: A column in the NY Times has a bit of news about Microsoft selling its wares for three bucks a pop if you are a government. For your three dollars you get WinXP starter edition (what no Vista?), and Office Home Edition. a wonderful quote from the article is '"Certainly," he added, "for Microsoft this is an investment in the long term. These are the consumers of the future."' — Glad to see MS is worried about linux adoption.

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