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Comment Very Encouraging (Score 1) 113

It's great to see where this technology is going. You've got so many players now in the self-driving vehicles as well as hybrid and electric vehicles. I'm happy to see Ford jump in on this with both feet even if they are a little late to the game. Riding in a vehicle will be a much safer experience when humans aren't the ones driving.

Comment Re:Too late. (Score 1) 296

Some unions are worthless. There are many that are corrupt. I was a member of a teaching union and watched how they threw adjuncts under the bus to help tenures who only made up 25% of their membership. Their main goal seemed to be to create conflict between the faculty and administration. They would support you if you ever had an issue with administration but pretty much not in any other way.

Comment Re:I don't believe this propaganda for one second (Score 1) 464

I would buy a smart gun if it shown to be reliable. Also many gun owners have firearms that are not intended to be used for hunting or protection. In fact I'd say most gun owners with large collections that is the case. They use the bulk of their weapons for target shooting, competition, or as show pieces. I'd have no issues at all with a gun I mainly use at the range being a smart gun even if the tech isn't 100%. Now a weapon I plan to carry or use in my home for defense would be another matter and I'd have to see for myself one would be reliable enough for that setting.

Comment Re:Community Defense (Score 2) 107

I would very much hope that Juniper act publicly in this matter. Companies who are truly not in the feds pockets need to stand up for themselves. It's insane that it is even remotely legal for government agencies to do some of the things that are going on. However, you can bet if the person who did this did so because a government agency instructed him to do so that this will get covered up. When you have companies like Cisco altering shipping practices in the hopes of not having their gear intercepted and altered and Juniper will hard coded back doors how can you trust these companies products? These companies are their reputations brutalized and they can't do much about it because the main perpetrators are agencies like the NSA. I'd love to start seeing these companies sue the government for lost sales due to lost of trust in the security of their products.

Comment Re:This problem needs a technical solution (Score 1) 268

Exactly. It would have done no damage, but the rulers of the firefighters decided to be assholes and overreact like little whiny children in order to cause a problem to get attention. They acted like five year-olds screaming for mommy. These Republicans are destroying society. They hate us, and their kind refuses to do their job. We pay them a lot to fight fires, but instead they bitch and refuse to do their jobs. Their kind makes me want to die.

Do you have any experience fighting fires? Have you ever flown a plane or jet? If not SHUT THE FUCK UP! YOU SOUND LIKE A FUCKING MORON!

Comment Yes, Google should be the one to fix this! (Score 1) 434

I think there is definitely an issue with the vendors not updating their phones. One issue being that most operating system updates are done by the OS manufacturer. Many Android users don't pay attention to updates so they aren't about to ask their carrier why their phone hasn't updated. I know from personal experience with my Galaxy 4S on AT&T that they keep it updated far better than Verizon does for the same phone. My GF is several versions behind on both her tablet and Galaxy 4S. This just seems like an easier solution if Google deals with the updates instead of the providers. That is how it works with almost every other OS out there.

Norway Will Switch Off FM Radio In 2017 293

New submitter titten writes The Norwegian Ministry of Culture has announced that the transition to DAB will be completed in 2017. This means that Norway, as the first country in the world to do so, has decided to switch off the FM network. Norway began the transition to DAB in 1995. In recent years two national and several local DAB-networks has been established. 56 per cent of radio listeners use digital radio every day. 55 per cent of households have at least one DAB radio, according to Digitalradio survey by TNS Gallup, continuously measuring the Norwegian`s digital radio habits.

Comment Re:He continues to show himself to be ... (Score 1) 230

Agreed. While there are many that may not agree with some of his vision he has shown to be an impressive businessman. He currently controls two of the most advanced companies in emerging technologies in the world. Tesla is moderately successful and shows lot's of promise. Space X is the top private space company and may be soon flying astronauts to the ISS. None of their competitors are even close to that. We need more people in business that are not all about the almighty buck. There needs to be risk for there to be innovation. Maybe he can show others that being open and working towards a competitive environment will be better for all involved. I won't discount though that there is plenty of self-serving interest with this announcement. That isn't a bad thing. Tesla gets help while making it easier for others to compete and the electric car market gets a huge boost.

Comment Re:About Time! (Score 2) 40

I've invested way too much time to movies and books to not see laser communications, to at the very least, to the moon in my lifetime. There are many authors that have enjoyed my 25 cents or less of royalties they received that should finally be vindicated by including laser based communications in their books! to.. damnit..

Comment About Time! (Score 1) 40

I've invested way too much time to movies and books to not see laser communications, to at the very least, to the moon in my lifetime. There are many authors that have enjoyed my 25 cents or less of royalties they received that should finally be vindicated by including laser based communications in their books!

Comment Just lost a customer (Score 1) 405

I have one domain hosted with Network Solutions. While they are more expensive than many others I've been pretty happy with the service I've received. I've never had problems with their website and I've always found it easy to navigate. As a consumer, I talk with my wallet since that is the only thing companies car about. I'll be moving my domain to another provider. It's sad when companies do stuff like this. How the hell does this stuff get approved?

Comment Die hard PC gamer.. very impressed (Score 2) 139

I haven't owned a console since the NES. I've always been a PC gamer. I rarely play games with a anything other than a keyboard and mouse. I'm honestly impressed at what they have come up with. I'll seriously consider buying a steam machine once they are readily available. I think Valve has done a great job so far. It will be very interesting to see if it is successful and see what the competition does in response.

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