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Comment Re:Woohoo! (Score 1) 687

Wow. I didn't think you'd actually take the bait and reveal yourself to be a depraved, utterly mindless goostepping fool. It's like handing Trump a microphone, asking him what he thinks of Obama, and then picking your jaw off the floor three minutes and 150 uses of the word n***** later.

Protip: the next time you're asked about your tax dollars supporting boy-fucking and other crimes against humanity, you might try saying something to the effect that, "well, of course I want those people imprisoned in Fort Leavenworth next to Manning."

Look at you wind yourself up and let yourself go. When you decide to discuss things rationally let me know. Or are you like every other lib that has to start name calling and insulting first?

BTW, your behavior points to the latter.

Comment Assholes both of them. (Score -1, Troll) 687

I don't give a fuck if I'm voted down as a troll or not.

Bradley manning gave info to the enemy. PROVEN. Bin Laden used that info. PROVEN.

Obama & the MSM have been hammering on how bad wikileaks was in "stealing the presidential election." Now he commutes the sentence of a traitor who leaked info to wikileaks.

Comment Re:Solar has ALWAYS been the future, but (Score 1) 504

Not decreasing CO2 emissions will fuck them over. Let's be clear here, most of those who suddenly have this great concern for the plight of the developing world when the topic of fossil fuel use reductions come up couldn't give a burning piece of shit about the fate of people in the developing world. It's all about trying to stave off the inevitable decline in the use of fossil fuels, and, presumably, the decline in returns from fossil fuel company stocks.

That's a nice stock answer, but it's bullshit. First, you think there is "manmade global warming." Personally, I think that's bullshit as well, but I think we can both agree that even on the most extreme scale presented, your worst case of global warming is half a century to well over a century away. Again, I think it's bullshit, but it's far enough to not matter.

Second, I don't think anyone has a "great concern for the plight of the developing world when the topic of fossil fuel use reductions come up." Coal is the best tool for the job. You're thinking "Hey, these coal people suddenly give a fuck about these dirt poor Africans when they can make a sale" when you should be thinking "Coal is the best and cheapest option for dirt poor people and, BTW, it keeps them from cooking their food with shit."

Third, it isn't trying to "stave off the inevitable decline of fossil fuels." I have no money involved in fossil fuels. But I do believe in common sense. Fossil fuels, which is a misnomer, are cheap energy. Extremely cheap. There are other options available but use the best option for the job.

Fourth, it's liberals like you that are fucking those people over. Again, they are cooking food with shit. SHIT. While liberals have been fawning over themselves with cries about how the planet is doomed in twenty years for over fifty years, they jet all over the world while ignoring people are cooking their food with shit. Even worse than ignoring, actively denying these needy people cheap fuel.

Comment Re:It will (Score 1) 504

Dude, that's just stupid. I love how people make such arguments. "This is the cheapest option available but because there is a businessman in charge, he'll pick more expensive options."

You're right, the businessman will indeed choose the cheapest option -- for him. Which in this case means the option that lets him pay off the political debts to his oil-company backers, stick it to the liberals, and ignore climate change completely, because who cares?

Of course that will be the most expensive option for the rest of humanity, but that hardly matters for Mr. Trump, by the time the shit hits the fan, he'll have already earned his money.

Funny you should say that because Obama was notorious for picking the most expensive option for the very reasons you listed.

Comment Re:Solar has ALWAYS been the future, but (Score 1) 504

Are you seriously asserting that dung-burning in developing nations somehow produces more pollution and CO2 than burning coal?

Yes. That is exactly my point. People are BURNING SHIT TO COOK THEIR FOOD & FOR WARMTH and I am totally focused on pollution & CO2. Let's completely ignore COOKING FOOD WITH SHIT and stay focused on CO2.

But hey, screw them right? They probably aren't smart enough to use recyclable cups at their Starbucks, right?

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