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Comment No one makes anyone buy anything. (Score -1, Flamebait) 247

Prices vary everywhere for a myriad of reasons. BTW, I love this quote

"The right price -- the one that will extract the most profit from consumers' wallets"

No shit Sherlock. The goal is always to charge the highest price the market will bear. This is nothing new.

What clueless douche doesn't realize is that the article is really about which sale price will produce the most sales with the highest profit. What dipshit anti-capitalist doesn't realize is that there are websites and tools that consumers can use to maximize they buying power to get the best price.

Comment Re:How stupid is this? (Score 0) 90

FedEx use that money and pay some developer to rewrite that crap.

I don't know many developers who would be willing to get paid in $5 off coupons for use of a program that is so bad they are being paid in coupons just to rewrite it from scratch.

That's sorta like paying someone a bag of garbage in exchange for taking out your trash.

I know I'm being trolled, but don't be a tard. Of course FedEx has budgeted a certain amount of money for this.

Comment I can't get that idiot Siri to place a call (Score 1) 137

Me: Siri where is the nearest Cabelas?
Siri: I've found the nearest Cabelas. Would you like me to call it?
Me: Yes
Siri: ("Yes" APPEARS on the screen) I'm sorry, I didn't understand.
Me: Yes
Siri ("Yes" APPEARS on the screen) I'm sorry. I didn't understand.
Siri: Calling

Comment Re:Dont use lastpass (Score 1) 415

Actually, the subscription thing was introduced a year ago. You can still opt for the standalone one-time license though.

1Password is moving to an all subscription pricing model. If someone has purchased 6 they'll receive all updates to 6, but that's it.

From Dave Teare directly "So no, I will not promise that 1Password 7 or 8 will allow licenses to be used instead of memberships. These releases are too far in the future to make any promises about."

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