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Comment Re:Manmade climate change is bullshit (Score 1) 274

Mankind's biggest problem is over-population and unsustainable resource depletion.

Bull. The planet is no where near over-population. Not even close. The only reason ANYONE starves on this earth is 100% political.

"Resource depletion" is bull also. How often have you heard "We're going to run out of oil" and other such poppycock.

Global warming deniers never can answer the following in any logical manner:
Is CO2 not a greenhouse gas? Is man not releasing very large amounts of CO2? What negates the effect of CO2 in the atmosphere as a greenhouse gas?

Yes, CO2 is a greenhouse gas. "Very large amounts" is relative. If I pour a quart of piss into your water cooler, that's a large amount. If I pour the same amount into a state reservoir, it's doesn't matter. We live in a closed system. The environment changes to deal with changes.

Comment Manmade climate change is bullshit (Score 1, Troll) 274

Arctic ice was supposed to be completely gone by 2016 and there's more now that when that prediction was made.

Environmental doomsayers have been making these claims for decades. They have all been proven wrong.

Global temps haven't increased in sixteen plus years.

Manmade global warming is bullshit. At least they are getting smart enough to push the environmental disaster to 50 years away. There's less accountability that way.

Don't get me wrong. Reducing pollution is a good thing. But to constantly declare that it's the end of mankind unless we do something RIGHT NOW is exploitation.

Comment I hope Reddit is happy. That dude is probably dead (Score 5, Informative) 137

Not kidding. When I was in specialized military training program we saw crazy looking dude with a unkempt uniform and absolutely no personal hygiene. We made a couple snide remarks amongst ourselves and later mentioned the guy to an instructor.

He told us that the guy was from Saudi Arabia. He also told us that every foreigner in the school always passed. A few years back, he didn't specify how many, a Saudi officer took the course and failed. The government beheaded him and apologized to the school.

So, good job Reddit. If he had a family, their probably gone as well.

Comment Re:Interesting concept, but... (Score 2) 126

So anytime someone is seen with a computer this secure, just target their backups instead. Considering the relatively high likelihood of accidntal erasure, they're sure to have them.

The classic example is the bank with impenetrable security. Just kidnap the manager's daughter and you have free access everywhere in the bank. There's always another way.

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