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Comment Re:Woohoo! (Score 1) 477

Wow. I didn't think you'd actually take the bait and reveal yourself to be a depraved, utterly mindless goostepping fool. It's like handing Trump a microphone, asking him what he thinks of Obama, and then picking your jaw off the floor three minutes and 150 uses of the word n***** later.

Protip: the next time you're asked about your tax dollars supporting boy-fucking and other crimes against humanity, you might try saying something to the effect that, "well, of course I want those people imprisoned in Fort Leavenworth next to Manning."

Look at you wind yourself up and let yourself go. When you decide to discuss things rationally let me know. Or are you like every other lib that has to start name calling and insulting first?

BTW, your behavior points to the latter.

Comment Assholes both of them. (Score -1, Troll) 477

I don't give a fuck if I'm voted down as a troll or not.

Bradley manning gave info to the enemy. PROVEN. Bin Laden used that info. PROVEN.

Obama & the MSM have been hammering on how bad wikileaks was in "stealing the presidential election." Now he commutes the sentence of a traitor who leaked info to wikileaks.

Comment Re:It's about landmass (Score 1) 437

No one is actively taking your gasoline driven car away.

Well, if you follow what is currently going on in Europe, in many cities they actually are: you need to purchase special stickers for you car depending on it's type (old diesel, recent diesel, hybrid, full electric, etc...), and at some times the more polluting models are simply banned from entering the city. In some cities it means most of the time making those cars useless if you already have them.

Comment Re:San Diego libraries are now homeless shelters (Score 1) 195

I agree with you, libraries have bigger challenges.

However, this is a story about a Google-funded project. I can't imagine Google funding libraries to do things which are not related somehow to computers. While perhaps not every library has the time/interest to participate in this, if some do, more power to them.

Comment Re:Envy is one of the seven deadly sins (Score 1) 407

HSR safety document. AFAIK, true grade separation isn't fully funded. The quad gates described in the PDF are said to reduce "collisions" 98%, but I'm inferring that as vehicle collisions. They don't look like they would do much for pedestrians.

You improperly inferred that I was saying CA HSR won't match the eastern corridor for speed. In fact, it will exceed it. I was only making a statement regarding the expense of building out HSR in populated areas of the US, and why it's a problem; namely the fact that it's a retrofit. This is why they're doing the Central Valley first--it's more like a clean slate, and they're counting on the sunk cost mentality to keep the project going once it starts.

You improperly inferred that I was suggesting we build Hyperloop. I simply stated that if it proved out, HSR would be an obsolete technology when complete.

Finally, you opined that electrified and self-driving cars are in irrational idea. The self-driving tech is already out there, and open-road convoys are one of the easiest things for self-driving tech to do. OTOH, pulling electricity from the grid in a personal vehicle isn't tested and in retrospect something I didn't need to thrown in to the vision because battery tech is pretty good now, and some people will still want to run ICE or other technology in their cars. Dedicated self-driving lanes are the main idea, and that's very doable, don't you think?

Comment Envy is one of the seven deadly sins (Score 1, Interesting) 407

Envy is one of the seven deadly sins, and California envied Euro/Asian rail. We tore up rail in a scandalous conversion to automobiles; but that's water under the bridge (no pun intended). Now that we've got air/auto for most of our transit, it just doesn't make sense. The Eastern corridor is an exception; but even that won't achieve the highest possible speeds cheaply because it routes through such populated areas with curvy rights-of-way that were established over 100 years ago.

California is paying the price for rail envy. It's the right idea... for the early 20th century, not the early 21st. If hyperloops work out, it'll be obsolete before it even loads its first passenger.

Meanwhile, people are getting killed and injured at grade crossings in urban areas all over the state. Grade separation is key for real high speed, so why don't you fix the grades first, Mr. Brown? I grew up in NoVA, and always associated at-grade rail with sparsly populated rural areas or totally rundown parts of DC. To see it in places like Mountain View and Redwood City--swimming with hi tech money, was just insane to me when I came out here.

If you've got any money left over after fixing all the grade crossings, then maybe build an electrified self-driving autobahn from SF to LA. You could partner with Tesla to make that work. People would actually want it, and when they disconnected from the Electrobahn somewhere outside of LA, they wouldn't have to rent a car, because they'd already be in their own car, which is what they want.

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