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Comment Re:Same thing happening to James O'Keefe (Score 1) 334

That may be, but I'm suspecting the immigration workers aren't really that organized.

It find it far more likely that he behaves like the conspiratorial ass that he is, instantly either pissing them off or setting off their "this guy ain't normal" alarm, which then causes a deeper questioning. Lots of the conspiracy nuts are walking self-fulfilling prophecies.

Comment What should have happened? (Score 1) 355

Agreed, the professor overreacted at the end. It's obvious he reacted out of frustration.

When a student cheats one of two things should happen. If the school has an honor code, then there needs to be an ethical hearing by the school to determine the punishment. I think it would be a good idea if the student were also automatically be dis-enrolled from that course. The professor should have the option to fail that student immediately for the entire course or, at minimum, the professor should be authorized (maybe required?) to give that student a zero for the assignment with no opportunity to make it up.

I wouldn't find it too far out to allow the professor to lower a grade for disrespect either but that's a weaker argument. Part of being a professional is figuring out how to play well with others, even difficult teachers.

Comment Really? (Score 1) 208

Interesting. I noticed just the other day than, when I dimmed the dash light intensity on my rental that the speedometer disappeared. So it appears that lots of cars "violate federal law." So I looked up the standards (not laws) you cited and couldn't find the reference to "at all times."

So, I see two scenarios are possible:
A. It appears this is a chronic problem across the industry and none of the engineers, regulators, or lawyers has caught it until slashdot anonymous coward saved the world with his post.
B. This particular AC is a egotistical blowhard who wants to sound authoritative.

Let me think for a moment... which is the more likely scenario?

Comment Re:Can't resell it... what?! I hope CM is okay... (Score 2) 274

Well... of course you can sell it if you want. It would not be against the law to do so. You did buy the hardware. It will, however, stop working for the new owner at some point in the future.

Let's be clear. "You're not allowed" does not mean men from black helicopters coming through your skylight denying you your resale rights.

Comment Re:A confession (Score 1) 297

Part of the condition was her carrying the badge around anyway (no battery) and never talking about or objecting to the program.

A lie.

The letter from the district, posted on Infowars no less, showed no such condition for stopping the disenrollment. She merely had to wear the [chipless] id.

The family's story has since changed, upon further questioning by real journalists, to that they believe carrying the [chipless] id would be the same as condoning the program.

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